WWW: Past, Present, and Future

Tim Berners-Lee

MIT Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL)
Southampton University ECS
World Wide Web Consortium
World Wide Web Foundation

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now difficult to explain what it was like!

CERN: The European Particle Physics Laboratory

CERN from the air

CERN: Atlas Detector

The ATLAS detector - a big project

Pre-web at CERN

Need to bridge

1980: Enquire

Enquire V 1.1

Opening file (PSK-PCP)VAC-V1:ENQR...

PSB Vacuum Control System                    (concept)  <   O>
--- ------ ------- ------

 [ 1] described-by: Enquiry System
      An experimental system for which this is a test.

 [ 2] includes: Vacuum History System
      Records and displays slow changes in pressure.

 [ 3] includes: Vacuum equipment modules
      Perform all the hardware interface

 [ 4] includes: Control and status applications programs
      Provide operator interaction from the consoles.

 [ 5] described-by: Controle du System a Vide du Booster 11-2-80
      Operational specification of the software

 [ 6] includes: PSB Pump Surveillance System         PCP 228
      Allows rapid monitoring of pressure changes

[number      ]


1989: Web memo

Circles and arrows again...

Circles and arrows diagram

1990: WWW design

1990: Original WWW architecture

The original architecture diagram

Universality of the Web

Independent of:

1991-4: Paradigm shift

Increase of 10x every year

1994: World Wide Web Consortium

good + fair + fast

Leading the web to its full potential

Care and use of the WWW

Spirit of Web design

has been the best part

Web Science

The process of web science

process of web science

2006: Web Science Research Initiative

(Web Science talk)

HTML tensions

Social Network Silos

Linked Data

Flower with roots in data
Flourishing with Linked Data Bus
LOD cloud: dbpedia.org seed
LOD cloud: 18 datasets
LOD cloud: 24 datasets
LOD cloud: 35 datasets
LOD cloud: ~45 datasets
LOD cloud: Adding Life Sci

Raw Data

Tue 17:59Blog "Pedalling some raw data"Paul Clarke, direct.gov.uk
Wed 12:57Zipped CSV filePaul Battley
Wed 13:26KML fileTom Taylor
Wed 21:51Online MapJulian Burgess, timesonline

2009 March 10-11

(Geeks see: (geo_helper.py))


red dots over london

2009: World Wide Web Foundation

WWW Foundation

Thank you

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