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02 Dec 2009



Andrew, Shadi, William, Darren, Jack, Helle, Pierre, Suzette
Michael, Alan
Helle, Darren (part)


<andrew> please review http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-wai-age/2009OctDec/0029.html and respond if required

Accessible Web Browsing

AA: Change the order Shadi has to leave early
... Shadi take over

Shadi: Who has not had a chance to read the doc

Jack: had not looked at it very close

<andrew> -> target audience http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/changelogs/cl-adapt-strat.html#audience

Shadi: please go to the changelog and look at audience
... IF you go down this road we'll end up with a big encyclopedia
... we would use this doc as starting point and and lead to other documents
... This is how we think it should be set up any comments

William: any thoughts about how to set up the document

Shadi: already many resources out there e.g. BBC, and this kind of documents very difficult to maintain
... even BBC doc is not up to date and even this doc will be difficult to maintain
... Title - very long we want to split it up

Pierre: Question is the word Accessible ..... Is it clear that this is more a list of references than the resources themselves?

Shadi: very often when some (e.g. older people) see the word accessible they think it is not about them
... this is still draft - suggestions very welcome

AA: what was the previous title?

<shadi> Making Web Browsing More Enjoyable

<shadi> - Ways to Customize Your Computer System

Shadi: Some thing like configuring your system or something
... but we decided it was more than customizing

Shadi: 2 comments at the f2f more than enjoyable and it is more than customize e.g. using an alternative keyboard
... suggest, send comments to the list

<andrew> title options: improved web browsing ...

Shadi: any other brainstorm ideas or reactions

William:'accessible' might be misleading

Shadi: Idea might be a better word

<andrew> title: Ways of using ... > Ideas for using ...

Darren: agree that 'idea' is a better word

Shadi: remember to send any ideas to the list or me or Andrew
... lets look at introduction
... using words like outline any comments?
... Pierre said links might be better because the doc links to other resources

Pierre: there are 3 kind of contents in the doc:
... quick summarize of concerns
... suggestions for solutions
... and the third some documented solutions

Shadi: the solutions are very few examples and I don't want to emphasize this
... Maybe better to say that it does not include a step-by-step guide but link to other resources

Shadi will take a new look

Shadi: apart from saying not a step-by-step guide what else?

Jack: .... we are talking about more general things and say go to information about your specific browser

Shadi: other comments on introduction?

William: also point out that people are a useful resource to ask for help from

Shadi: Lets move to Explore your computer system

Shadi: Saying learn about your computer first and link to very basic resources
... maybe include learn from other individuals

William: also more experienced individuals

Shadi: other comments?
... lets look at he next section as example of the following sections
... Section Difficult seeing and reading websites
... hope that there will be more references and links to more resources, so that when you find the information that works for you you
... get more links to resources that addresses you questions

William: will we be able to find enough detail to link to?

Shadi: the example about keyboard controls have many resources I'm more concerned about other examples where is is more difficult to find good resources
... other comments on any other parts of the doc

William: what about including suggestions in other sections, e.g. ctrl-A for changing colour

Shadi: we tweak the title and the introduction to better describe the content
... Do you think (all) that this describes what we want to accomplish with this doc?

Shadi: besides the title and introduction it seems that we are almost there please send any comments as soon as possible

AA: other homework send in references to links that you think should be considered in this doc and references

how to report an inaccessible website

<shadi> http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/Drafts/responding/

AA: how does the new title work
... including for translations

Pierre: looks like 2 titles
... problems when it looks like 2 titles there are 2 ideas

Shadi: agree with Pierre

William: thought approaching is a subtitle

AA: is it 2 ideas still if we take as a title/subtitle

Pierre: Approaching is more precise and clear and might be better as the main title

AA: good idea, this is maybe what the doc is for

Darren: "Approaching Organizations with Inaccessible Websites to Encourage Accessibility"
... can we put encouraging .. at the end of the title

Shadi: Approaching sounds more positive than reporting

Jack: agree with Shadi

AA: do we need encouraging in the end?

<andrew> william: maybe there is a series of 'encouraging accessibility' docs

AA: any other ideas
... go to Overview - does it give a good idea of what to find in the this doc
... does it give you a starting point?

William: it tells them what you're going tell them

Pierre: like the presentation and focus on short ideas


Shadi: Use the sample emails > Use the sample emails provided below

AA: also introduced a note in the overview
... the note is an attempt to encourage people to send a positive note if something is good or even if you get a positive response

Shadi: might be good sometimes to let people know that their efforts are appreciated
... when someone is trying to do the right thing even though they are not there yet let them know

<andrew> scribe: darren

<andrew> scribenick: darren

andrew: Will work on the wording on sending notes of appreciation to organisations that fix problems
... Jump to the key contacts section. What do people think of the way this section is expressed
... no comments so assume this is fine.
... Look at "What Computer System are You Using?" subsection.
... Made some changes to the text and added a note about personal information. Any comments?
... text has been tightened up.

Suzette: Sentence "Never disclose personal information such as passwords..." is good but it breaks up the flow of this section. Can it go below the table or another section?

William: Agrees

Andrew: Section "Follow-Up as Needed" has been tightened up. Any comments on the presentation of the subsections?

William: What happened to the solicitor bullet in Further Action to Consider section

Andrew: Will look into the missing bullet but it is mentioned in the note paragraph
... The tightening of the text has reduced the content to around 5 pages. Send in comments about the document if you read it after the meeting.
... WAI-AGE documents will be sent to EO for discussion soon.

Summary of Action Items

no actions recorded

[End of minutes]

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