WAI-AGE Task Force

01 Jul 2009



Andrew, Jack, Darren, Shadi
Michael, Suzette, Alan, Helle, William



AA: may do some changes to telecon agenda
... will announce and update telecon page accordingly

Publishing Update

AA: business case has been published


AA: How to Report Inaccessible Websites is nearly done
... planning to publish as a draft to get further input

Involving Users in Web Accessibility


AA: Requirements - comments on rationale and objectives?

Darren: rationale was clear
... but what are the implications of the objectives?
... are we expecting to provide techniques?
... what is the scope?

AA: more a guidance, like how to get started
... and things to keep in mind
... may point people to additional resources

SAZ: what do you think of the current approach?

Darren: good advice but does not start from the beginning
... does not say where to get started or what to do

AA: audience section?

SAZ: wondering about Project Managers if this is about involving users throughout development
... also wondering about Usability Professionals

JW: different layers of management
... and different meaning of development
... need to be precise who we want to address

AA: inlcude more focus on higher-level managers?

JW: overlaps somewhat
... but developers would want more "how to do it"
... project managers would want to know "how to bring in someone"
... policy maker would want to know more "why do it"
... so different information needs by different groups

SAZ: agree with the different directions
... think that usability professionals and developers could be combined
... but they may need more "how to"
... need to deliberately decide on a direction

JW: chicken and egg between scope and audience

AA: lots of materials on focused groups and usability testing
... but little overall information and focus on people with disabilities and older people

JW: information on testing with people with disabilities is hard to find
... so would be easy to miss it

SAZ: are there sufficient reputable resources that we could potentially point to?

Darren: think so

SAZ: can point to things but need to be careful of many things
... including copyrights, persistency, quality
... depends on how it is linked, it it constitues a dependenc
... sometimes have disclaimers too

AA: Suzette had mentioned ethics and consent forms
... often practiced in usability arena but may be known less in computer science

Darren: important topic, just had recent discussion in our office
... good to mention

How People with Disabilities Use the Web

Darren: rationale and objectives look good
... more focused scope in this document

JW: agree
... maybe add policy makers

SAZ: part of this document really talks to *anyone* new to web accessibility
... specifically section 2 can be read by anyone
... however, section 5 may be too technical for non-developers
... may need to flip order between primary and secondary audience

JW: agree with this comment, may want to make it easier for people to identify areas more relevant to them
... speaks to a broad audience

SAZ: need to decide if we want to publish as a WG Note or as a "normal" EO publication

AA: have an according open note in the Requirements at present

SAZ: had identified that the group of "older people" to be very hetergeneous
... need to collect different prespectives to demonstrate
... then see how these can be captured in how many scenarios
... may need at least 2-3 scenarious of "older people"

AA: may do some changes to telecon agenda
... will announce and update telecon page accordingly
... will also have queries by mail

Summary of Action Items

[No actions recorded]

[End of minutes]

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