WAI-AGE task force

17 Jun 2009


Andrew, Darren, Jack, Alan
Shadi, Helle, William, Michael


Andrew: Thanks for responding with your availability - we will meet for most of July and August, but I have flagged 15 July as tentative at present.

How To Report Inaccessible Websites


Andrew: Change in the title during the EO meeting
... EO suggested that the tone of the document might be changed to a less formal style to make it more user friendly
... Also wanted the phrase "complain" near the top as this is what people would search for. And more advice up front.
... Document will go to EO this week for review

Jack: Likes the new draft of the document and the improvements make it better.
... Overall the document is good, especially the green box of tips and advice.
... In the tips and advice box not sure if "Complaining in person" is something people will do.
... A stand alone sentence encouraging people to pass the document on to others may also be useful

Andrew: Wasn't sure about "Complaining in person" . Encouraging people to pass the document on is a good idea.

<achuter> Agree to removing the complaining in person bullet

Alan: It's more like a summary of the rest of the document and people still need to read the rest of it

andrew: Yes. it's an overview of what's to come

Alan: An introduction saying that it is legitimate to make complaints could also be useful.

andrew: change "complain about Web accessibility" to "complain about any inaccessible website"
... more specific - less generic

Darren: more punchy now
... agree with Jack - remove 'complaining in person'

andrew: Any ideas about the colour around the tip box

Darren: Thinks it's a little bright

Jack: Bright on his screen too.

Andrew: will try to calm the green down.

Jack: green or yellow will act as a calming colour but preferably the green. Try and make the box a little bit lighter.

Alan: Maybe the yellow colour used for the box above

Jack: removing the "Complaining in person" bullet will also make it shorter too. Having it shorter makes it more effective

Andrew: What do people think of the new introduction now it is shorter than the previous wordier version.

Darren: Prefers the shorter version

Requirements Documents

Alan: Document should discuss assistive devices and also mobile devices but this maybe out of scope f the document

Andrew: Mobile devices maybe out of scope but assistive technologies might be relevant

Alan: Title needs to be clearer as at first seemed to be about user centred design

Andrew: Document primarily focuses on involving users with disabilities and older people
... will replace the current "Involving Users in Web Accessibility Evaluation"
... We can discuss the Requirements Documents in more details next time.
... need to think of scenarios where older people will use the Web that can be added to the "How people with disabilities use the Web" document

Jack: William will not be involved for the next few months but can we get him involved as for suggesting scenarios

Alan: will meet William tomorrow so will speak to him

Summary of Action Items

no actions recorded

[End of minutes]

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