Service Modelling Language and Service Modelling Language Interchange Format Version 1.1 Errata

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This document records known errors in the documents:

About this document

This document lists known errata to the Recommendation. Each entry has the following information:

  1. A unique identifier
  2. The date it was added to the errata page
  3. A classification of the error (e.g., editorial, clarification, bug, known problem with the document itself)
  4. A short description of the problem and what part of the Recommendation is affected.
  5. Any proposed corrections and whether those corrections would affect conformance of documents or software
  6. Any normative corrections; see the section on Errata Management in the W3C Process Document ([PROCESS] section 7.6.1) for more information about normative corrections

The errata are numbered, classified as Substantive or Editorial, and listed in reverse chronological order of their date of publication in each category. Changes to the text of the spec are indicated thus: deleted text, new text, modified text .

Substantive errata

Errata as of 2009-05-12

None at this time.

Editorial errata

Errata as of 2009-10-25


Section G. Acknowledgements (sml)/C. Acknowledgements (smlif)

Add names to the penultimate paragraph, as follows:

Jordan Boucher (Sun Microsystems, Inc.), Zulah Eckert (BEA Systems, Inc.), Dave Ehnebuske (IBM), Jon Hass (Dell), Steve Jerman (Cisco), Heather Kreger (IBM), Vincent Kowalski (BMC), Philippe Le H├ęgaret (W3C/MIT), Milan Milenkovic (Intel), Bryan Murray (HP), David Orchard (BEA Systems, Inc.), Phil Prasek (HP), Junaid Saiyed (EMC), Harm Sluiman (IBM), C. Michael Sperberg-McQueen (W3C/MIT), Bassam Tabbara (Microsoft), Vijay Tewari (Intel), William Vambenepe (HP), Marv Waschke (CA), Andrea Westerinen (Microsoft), Pratul Dublish (Microsoft), Julia McCarthy (IBM), Yu Chen Zhou (IBM Corporation).
These names of earlier contributors were inadvertently omitted at publication time.