WAI-AGE TF - 11 Mar 2009



Andrew, William, Darren, Suzette
Isabelle, Helle, Michael, Nacho, Shadi, Jack


Contacting organisations

Andrew: what about "... or may ignore your feedback"?

william: acceptable to let people know they might be ignored

Darren: agreed

Andrew: difference is that large organisations may have correspondence tracking systems, and you will hear back in some form

William: in different organisations / different cultures example - include large, small and government

suzette: with reference to possibility of organisation having a disability officer - needs emphasis - list own paragraph

Andrew: consider the example problems

William: all but No 4 start "I" - suggest rewording to be the same as others, I have difficulty...
... useful to add URL to reference where problem does not exist

William: no example for deaf

Suzette: first one is a browser problem - better to start with No2

Andrew: wants it in because it is a problem and people don't know how to solve or forget

Suzette: recently heard about PICNIC - problem in chair not in computer!

Andrew: about your computer system - how to say ignore if you don't know

William: tighten up - e.g. bullet list on assistive technology and if multiple browser

Andrew: Follow-up section
... Box with additional action added about combining actions such as involving an organisation with legal action

Darren: Further Action - is it part of follow up or separate section?

All: in favour raising heading level for further action

William: all too common problem of no response/no action
... e.g. http://www.eyeassociates.com/eyefine1.htm

we all went to have a look!

Andrew: example templates

William: queried how it reads on a screen reader

Darren: NVDA screen reader
... free copy that students can try out

Andrew: now have template and also a couple of example

William: petitions and boycotts - seems rude?

Andrew: would sponsors agree?

William: legal action?

Andrew: is included
... next action to view, tidy and send to EO
... may re-order - has own suggestions and email from Suzette

what next

Andrew: reviewed list of activities
... some of our deliverables almost completed
... will probably tackle "Involving users" next

william: request for literature research on contrast issues - actual hard data on problems and solutions
... please send me any you know of, or come across

Summary of Action Items

no action items

[End of minutes]

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