eGovernment Interest Group Call

04 Mar 2009


Daniel_Bennett, kevin, josema, Brand [part], joe, Owen, john, anne [part], Daniel, oscar [part]
kevin, john




<josema> hi daniel, I'll be there in a minute

<John> What's the uk dial in number?

on call: Joe Carmel, Jose Alonso, Bran Nieman,

<josema> ->Agenda http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-egov-ig/2009Mar/0002

scribe, agenda adjustments

<josema> scribe: Daniel

<josema> scribeNick: Daniel_Bennett

Jose: add to the agenda how to deal with comments

Group Note

Jose: describes agenda

group notes have been collected. knew that more work to be done .

appreciates getting the draft done before the F2F

<Owen> I have not dialed in yet because stump grinder is working next door.

hopes that the document helps get the 50+ members excited.

daniel: have people read it yet?

Kevin: seems like a few comments

Jose: still collecting comments

Brand: what is the process for finishing document/notes

: hoping to get a draft finished by May

Jose: now the notes are a working draft to be published by Tuesday

<josema> http://www.w3.org/2007/eGov/IG/track

Jose: then we deal with comments on the Note. there is a tool for tracking changes.

John joined

Jose: going over tool which is W3C standard for tracking comments, drafting...
... then work toward concensus
... deal with comments by April 26th
... need to get done by charter's end in May. the document will then go to W3C community.
... recommends finishing document by second week of May

Kevin: Anne, have you any questions before F2F

Anne: I have read the document, and it looks like it is coming together.

Kevin: Hope was to get it done by F2F to get work done on it at the F2F.


Kevin: agenda item F2F
... 50+ attendees. great work at getting word out by W3C folks.

<josema> 50 in person and 7 remote so far

<josema> http://www.w3.org/2007/eGov/IG/wiki/F2F2#Participants

Kevin: last teleconf, we decided to do a provocation/reflection at F2F
... Ellen Miller of Sunlight, GovLoop and

Jose: a few comments on the agenda. we are expect 4 speakers
... working on making time for speakers

Kevin: Ellen is invited for whole thing and 15 mins should be enough considering that

John: having these speakers are great. especially if more participation.

Kevin: will try and make sure big sketch pads for taking notes at F2F

Anne: speakers should add Provocative statements at beginning of speech

Kevin: had good meeting with Sunlight. they are practical approach. then the other speaker will bring up the use of standards.
... Will get multi perspectives. Daniel and I had discussion of approaches.

Anne: Imagining that we could have a formal/set approach for the speakers like asking them to propose 3 questions

Kevin: more than happy to get your ideas Anne down to them

John: i agree. Kevin is spot on (Brit term).

Daniel: Remind the speakers that the questions are provocative and then would spur the second days reflection

<josema> +1 to speakers on provocation

Joe: asks about the process
... will we know the provocations prior to F2F or not

Kevin: day two depends on day one's provocations

Joe: sounds fine

Owen: some people might not be there for both days

<joec> thanks jose

Daniel (mute): congrats Joe

Anne: the questions will enrich from the speakers, not just from everyone

Daniel: what about the lightning round for getting provocations

Anne: Ok if part of structure

<josema> and Owen added many issues to the agenda, too!

Kevin: we have a way to get to your (Anne) point of having structure
... we need good time moderation

Anne: that should be no problem

Kevin: happy about the F2F components: invites, attendees, etc

Daniel: will we have lightning round?

Kevin: i think so. and the boardroom will give everyone a chance to talk with mikes at every chair

Jose: Anne are you planning to attend

Anne: yes, i will be there the whole time

Jose: Kevin is working on more invites
... if the invites impact F2F agenda we should get this effort done in next couple days.
... do we need the lightning round if there is interactivity around the speakers
... in any case we need to reach a final agenda soon

Joe: perhaps mixing the speakers with attendee introductions having provocatives

<ocr> hi all

John: thinks the lightning round should still be separate from intros

<josema> hi oscar

John: make the intros good way to quickly get a sense of crowd

<josema> [John on using tags barcamp style instead of regular intros]

Kevin: good idea to have sense of who is talking

Daniel: (only slightly kidding) add the intro to the name tags

Jose: speechless
... avoiding actions
... we can just change agenda in wiki
... we should make changes now

Kevin: the focus should be on the barnburners

Jose: worried about loss of focus with so many subjects

Kevin: having these multiple issues is positive

<josema> good point, john

Daniel: provocations should allow lots of subjects. reflections will allow a focus

John: some issues may make multi-channel discussion moot (on reflection).
... worried if we just set out at beginning on 6 set subjects and stuck to it as opposed to looking at spectrum.

Joe: we are talking about standards and criterias for standards

Kevin: Joe you are spot on (Brit term)

Joe: explaining how multiple standards being brought up lead us to how to reach goals

Jose: who volunteers to fix agenda on wiki

Anne: this is an overlay rather than a major change

Kevin: I agree.
... the goal is to come out of the F2F on what is the pressing goals and what are the means. and this will help to get the paper done
... we are up for charter renewal so we should focus on what is most pressing.

Jose: thinks that having set schedule helps those who will only be there for certain sessions
... lets be consistent

Daniel: lets just mark sessions provocative vs. reflective

John: I agree in that will give mode of operation

Joe: should there be breakouts


Kevin: logistically may be a problem in the space

Joe: should we use part of networking to do breakouts

<Anne> Anne's gotta go and btw I said I would *not* be able to be there for the whole FTF. I'll check in later folks.

thanks Anne, I will fix in the final minutes

<josema> side note, forgot to mention I put together http://www.netvibes.com/w3cegov recently

<Anne> signing off. don't want to interrupt the conversation. ciao\

bye Anne

Joe: does anyone agree?

Owen: as a remote participant wouldnt be able to do break out

<John> Netvibes thing - cool

<josema> based on #ukgovoss idea but also to show we do open data ourselves, too! All are RSS Feeds

Daniel: how about using dinners to get breakouts?

Kevin: just looking for places to let people know...
... lets think about it

<josema> what about BoF tables at lunch or dinner?

John: I like the ideas. Over two days, this is a good process. Having 15 mins to pull together ideas.
... supports breakouts esp. on second day to allow for reflection

Kevin: how about firming agenda by Friday morning

Jose: first day provocation, second day reflection
... ?

Kevin: then for second day have some breakouts

Jose: How about setting up a separate agenda wiki page to start working this out

Kevin: Yes, and then Friday for cut off and Monday morning for finalization

<josema> ACTION: josema to start a separate wiki page to brainstorm on F2F agenda

<trackbot> Created ACTION-49 - Start a separate wiki page to brainstorm on F2F agenda on José Manuel Alonso - due 2009-03-11.

Jose: asking if everyone has wiki edit rights?, ping him if not

<josema> RESOLUTION: agenda content to be collected until Friday night (EST); final (new) agenda to be published on Monday morning (EST)

[RESOLUTION: agenda content to be collected until Friday night (EST); final (new) agenda to be published on Monday morning (EST)]

TWB Event

Kevin: the world bank opted out, then found out twb and oasis was doing joint of event

Kevin: we were asked to participate, but not collaborate.
... I will attend their meeting Apr. 17th in DC

Joe: disappointed in lack of collaboration with OASIS as this group would be a great resources for standards

Kevin: OASIS has been good partners

<josema> reminder for myself: email the list with details on how eGov work at W3C is funded and our own challenges

Kevin: TWB is more looking at specific interop systems
... that is a longer term process than some of our efforts
... to the TWB credit they will have two attendees at F2F

<josema> RESOLUTION: kevin to participate in TWB event

[RESOLUTION: kevin to participate in TWB event]

Jose: have we decided that we will participate in the TWB/OASIS meeting?

Kevin: yes to Jose

what's going on? (barcamps, etc.)

Kevin: is wondering if we have reached out enough
... says bye

<John> I followed it on twitter

<josema> me, too

<josema> but was very challenging

Daniel: says one way to reach out is to mirror the #tcamp09 method

<josema> http://search.twitter.com/search?q=%23tcamp09

Joe: concurs

John: this is a crowd of non-IRC folks

Jose: many use "new" techs that are actually IRC interface

<John> Everyone uses twitter in the uk

everyone: discussing Twitter and other systems used

John: we will officially use IRC but I will also Tweet

Joe: how should we "name" our content

Jose: anything else?

<John> Thanks guys see you in DC

Jose: Joe you are officially in

<josema> [ADJOURNED]

Jose: we are adjourned for today

see you in DC

<joec> thanks daniel

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: josema to start a separate wiki page to brainstorm on F2F agenda
[End of minutes]

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