16 Jan 2009

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Janina, Matt_May, Joshue, Cynthia_Shelly




<janina> I can't seem to get the command right for associating us with a conference room

hmm, I don't know either..

<janina> Laura, do you know how we get a conference from zakim? We didn't get today's scheduled in advance.

<Laura> janina: sorry know I don't. ping gregory? he may know.

I think you just tell zakim what the conference is. Like zakim, this is wai-pf of similar

I just did ping GJR..

does matt know?

<mattmay> what the code is?

<janina> Matt, do you recall how we get zakim to create a conference for us? we didn't schedule in advance.

<mattmay> uh... something like 'zakim, room for 8'

<mattmay> BOOM

cool: -)

Hi Laura

<cshelly> what's the phone passcode? I can't get on with 6665

Can you make the call?

<cshelly> what's the phone passcode?



<janina> Group is interested in participating in the WAI-CG special meeting on alt next Wednesday.

<janina> Janina will check on how to get us all there Monday.

<janina> Cynthia suggesting that much of ALT go to the authoring guide rather than all being in the spec

<janina> <http://www.w3.org/mid/1232041344.18554.111.camel@pav.lan>

<janina> The poll on summary not yet taken, still an action item.

<janina> Janina asking whether designating nested headers is important.

<janina> Josh: Only one nesting level is allowed.

<janina> Josh: recalls Jes saw problems with two many levels.

Gez mentioned that there may be a problem with circular/cyclic referencing now that there are only one level of nested headers allowed in the current draft

This may not be an issue if there were multiple headers allowed to be nested when marking up complex data tables.


+1 its progress

<janina> We consider latest draft for cells is progress.

<janina> We are not fully satisfied with the wording, and some pieces still missing--but definitely progress.

<Laura> HTML5 table-headers-issue-20 Chris: "I'll look into this, but I think we can close it"

<Laura> http://www.w3.org/2009/01/15-html-wg-minutes.html#item02

have a great weekend y'all

<Laura> janina: Should sync up with Chris if not fully satisfied

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