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NOTE: This document is no longer maintained because the Web Applications Working Group was closed in October 2015 and its deliverables transferred to the Web Platform Working Group (WPWG). The UI Events specification repository is now used for the information that used to be in this document.

This wiki is for the UI Events specification (formerly known as DOM 3 Events) and the DOM3 Keyboard key Values and code Values specifications.


See our bi-weekly meetings for detailed status and progress toward getting this spec finished and ready for CR.

Proposed Agenda Topics:

  • Please submit agenda topics to www-dom mailing list.


For discussion of matters related to DOM3 Events, the WebApps WG uses the www-dom@w3.org mailing list (archive).


The goal of the UI/DOM3 Events sub-group, part of the Web Applications Working Group, is to complete the UI Events specification according to market needs, to drive its adoption and implementation, to provide a comprehensive test suite (for implementability at least, and hopefully for interoperability, too), and to move it along the Recommendation Track to W3C Recommendation status.


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