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NOTE: This document is no longer maintained because the Web Applications Working Group was closed in October 2015 and its deliverables transferred to the Web Platform Working Group.

This document contains proposed changes for WebApps' Current Charter, i.e. the charter that expires 30-June-2012.

SeeAlso: PubStatus; minutes from 31-Oct-2011 discussions

A DRAFT charter that includes these changes is available.

Additions Agreed

The following charter additions have been agreed:

Additions Proposed

All charter addition proposals that have been agreed have been added to the Additions Agreed section above.

The following charter additions were Not agreed:

  • Speech API; see 1-Feb-2012 email from Charles
  • Web packaging / asset compression; see 16-Feb-2012 email from Art

Deletions Agreed

Delete the following deliverables:

  • Asynchronous DOM Mutation Notification (ADMN) - replaced by DOM Mutations/Observers
  • Web SQL Database - work ended with a publication of a WG Note
  • Programmable HTTP Caching and Serving - work ended with the publication of a WG Note
  • UMP - WebAppSec is not pursuing this spec

Deletions Proposed

The following deliverables have been proposed for deletion:

  • None ...

Changes Agreed

Change the following deliverables:

  • Clipboard API - change title to "Clipboard API and events"
  • CORS - state this is now a joint deliverable with WebAppSec WG
  • DOM Level 4 Core - change title to "DOM4"
  • XHR1 and XHR2 - combine these two specs into a single XMLHttpRequest spec
  • XBL2 - work on this spec may stop in deference to the Web Component work

Questions and Issues

  • Web Notification - should the charter proposal include specs in development by the Web Notifications WG? See 31-Oct-2011 discussion


The common understanding for the group's Widget specs, some of which was captured during the TPAC f2f meeting, is:

  • The WG will NOT start any new widget specs
  • The WG will NOT start any new work on the specs that are considered finished, namely, those in PR or REC (or soon to be PR/REC): 1) Widget Packaging and XML Configuration, 2) XML Digital Signatures for Widgets, 3) view-mode Media Features, 4) WARP and 5) Widget Interface
  • The Native Web Application CG is the venue to discuss the WG's two unfinished widget specs and to move them toward REC: 1) Widget Updates, 2) widget URI scheme. These specs will be published by WebApps.