ISSUE-165: Clarify conditional keydown clause

conditional keydown

Clarify conditional keydown clause

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Doug Schepers
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David Flanagan <>:
10) "Whether or not a keydown contributes to the generation of a text
event is implementation dependent." Do you mean specifically a
textInput event here?
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  1. ISSUE-165 (conditional keydown): Clarify conditional keydown clause [DOM3 Events] (from on 2010-10-20)

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Revision 1.160. Updated default action of keydown to be keypress. If the UA does not support keypress (since it is deprecated), the default action of keydown is textinput. For UA's that support keypress, the default action of keypress is textinput. Removed ambiguous statement about implementation dependence as the new spec text handles these differences.

Jacob Rossi, 31 Mar 2011, 00:39:07

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Jacob Rossi, 29 Jul 2011, 23:30:43

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