ISSUE-141: IME examples

IME examples

IME examples

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Doug Schepers
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Hallvord R. M. Steen <>:
In the text about Input Method Editors [1], the examples do

> keydown: 's' (U+0073, Latin Small Letter S key)
> compositionstart: ''
> keyup: 's' (U+0073, Latin Small Letter S key)
> keydown: 'i' (U+0069, Latin Small Letter I key)
> keyup: 'i' (U+0069, Latin Small Letter I key)
> keydown: 'Convert'

Now, I'm not a developer - merely a "black box" QA tester - but is it
possible to implement this in a cross-platform way? AFAIK, on Windows,
Windows mobile and perhaps other platforms all the implementation will get
in a keydown event is a VK_PROCESS virtual key code. How is the
implementation then supposed to map that to an 's', an 'i' and so on?

What sensible implementations currently do is to fire keydown with keyCode
set to 220 (VK_PROCESS) and keyup with the actual key's virtual key code -
if the platform makes it available in keyup events, otherwise 229.

(Sorry about the number of separate E-mails today. I've tried to read the
spec carefully earlier, but it's funny how you overlook things and they
suddenly jump at you..)

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Doug Schepers, 11 Oct 2010, 17:01:32

This is implementable on Windows. Sent mail:

Jacob Rossi, 25 Apr 2011, 01:38:46

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