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Use Case: Multimedia Presentation

use case related to issue 6086


Potential applications for multimedia presentation are:

  • systems that collect various multimedia items and collage them based on the user interest
  • systems that adjust their interface based on the users browsing behaviour (e.g. change between media types and their size based on relevance)
  • systems that adapt their clour schemes reflecting the emotional depth of the content
  • systems that adapt their interface to previously used interfaces

The challenge for this wg is to establish annotations that facilitate

  • the experience of style
  • the visualisation of relevance based on size and depth
  • the alteration of legibility based on user constraints (e.g. age)

This topic is closely related to Multimedia Adaptation

The Working Group is likely not to concentrate on this use case in the beginning but might come back to it later.

Related Resources

  • CombinFormation is a system that uses composition for browsing, collecting, and arranging information samples from web pages. The samples act as visual, semiotic, and navigational surrogates for the documents from which they are extracted.
  • Model of canonical media processes: This links to a collection of papers that describe interactive systems in which media material is adapted based on a defined model of canonical media production processes. The most interesting paper of those is the one that describes the model Canonical processes of semantically annotated media production