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Use Case: Mobile


This use case covers semantic and technical metadata descriptors for mobile devices and applications.

It is motivated by the fact that mobile devices is a service platform for billions of users, which has several unique properties that comes with the mobility:

  • almost always in your pocket
  • local sensors
  • local storage (for personal preferences, music, image and video)
  • could mix the digital and physical world [1]


This Working Group should deal with global and local ontologies for content and service descriptions, harmonizing between different standards and vendor description schemes. The use case is faced with the following requirements:

  • Tagging

Geo tagging; annotating multimodal content with geographical information. Context aware services for mobile users. These are services that display information by sensing overall context [1].

  • Multimedia adaptation

Support media adaptation for mobile device capabilities such as bandwidth, physical screen, audio and text. Media adaptation depending on business models and user preferences. Harmonizing with existing user preference and device capability standards such as Uaprof and Device Profile Evolution [4][5]. We do not work directly on properties for this task but may later come back to this use case and see how to relate our work to other efforts.

  • Multimedia sharing

Sharing content between subscribers and other users on the web. Integration with address book, possible connections with ISIM, openID [6] and other identification systems on the web. Discuss this later with PLING group.

Related Resources

[1] Metadata Metaverse Project



[4] Uaprof

[5] Device Profile Evolution, DPE

[6] OpenId