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Mapping of formats

This page contains mappings of formats to properties which we want to take into account. For a list of these properties, see the XMP review page.

In the cells, please write what the relation to XMP should be, e.g. a 1:1: mapping. Elements of a format which are not part of XMP are by default out of scope. If you want an exception and take a new element into account, please note it explicitly.

Timeline for the review: 20th of January

The following people are contributing to the mappings. Formats are in order of relevance:

  1. Dublin Core: Felix
  2. EXIF: Tobias
  3. ID3: Joakim
  4. MediaRSS, TXFeed: Wonsuk
  5. Youtube: Wonsuk
  6. SearchMonkeyMedia: Tobias
  7. TV-Anytime: Jean-Pierre
  8. EBU: Jean-Pierre
  9. Cable Labs Video-On-Demand Content specification 2.0: Joakim
  10. IPTC (NewsML 2): Jean-Pierre
  11. DIG35: Chris
  12. FRBR: Victor
  13. MIX: Felix
  14. VRA: Veronique
  15. MPEG-7: Werner / Victor / Frank
  16. MediaRDF: Tobias
  17. SMPTE, Material Exchange Format (MXF) - Descriptive Metadata Scheme-1. SMPTE 380M, 2004. Werner
  18. SMPTE, Metadata Dictionary Registry of Metadata Element Descriptions. SMPTE RP210.8, 2004. Werner
  19. METS: Tobias
  20. LOM (Learning Object Metadata): Tobias

Each reviewer: Please create a table like the following, with XMP in the first column and your format in the second one. Example for Mapping XMP<dc:


or use this Excel document: