Getting to REC: Hidden Treasures

Olivier Thereaux, <>

TPAC08, Mandelieu, France by Coralie Mercier

Missing Tools & Resources

wouldn't it be great if…?

… Often already exist

wouldn't it be great if…?

… Actually, we do have […]

Hidden Treasures

A lot of tools, process and channels are already there

Chairs List

chairs mailing-list: Not just for announcements

it's OK to ask for help

Chairs list (cont'd)

chairs mailing-list: exchange tips

Guide Book

W3C Guide Book

Guide Book (cont'd)

the Art of Consensus

Guide Book (cont'd)

collected wisdom of the W3C Group Chairs and other collaborators

Guide Book (cont'd)

Reborn soon as a faceted guide

Guide Book (cont'd)

Help maintain it!


Ill-known tools

Ill-Known Tools

New/Better Tools

New Tools?


W3C Members/Collaborators welcome to participate, contribute…

Open Source, too