eGovernment Interest Group Teleconference

10 Dec 2008

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josema, ari (part), rick, john
oscar, martin, kjetil, kevin


 appoint a scribe

<scribe> scribe: josema

<josema> again :(

agenda adjustments

[TWB could not secure funding to host joint event with OASIS, so we are not organizing it for now]

outline of first editor's draft

[jose explains why the "new" topic areas speaking in gov terms]

[john on they are familiar, and we also need to think about the different audiences we target, some even dealing with XSDs]

josema: do you miss any big area?

john: maybe on government as provider of information, not entirely transparency

[we start to find same problem as yesterday, some not only about the topic area where they are, but affecting more]

john: some, eg. transparency is about public policy outcome, while interoperability is about technology
... a public policy outcome is a thing like "reducing fraud"
... maybe we could use the kind of policy outcomes as a list under every area
... and stick to those that are technology challenges

josema: I like this idea, we should try it

john: we could also list specific examples of countries doing this or that
... what they are trying to achieve, when they are confronting the same technology challenges
... this needs much discussion in the mailing list
... about both points of view
... I personally like the list and just have issue with "Participation..." and "Transparency"
... they should be written in technology challenges terms
... I'd also like us to mention something beyond current existing challenges
... and put something about what they should be looking into for the next 3-5 years

rick: from experience in Groups like these key is how it can be effective
... what's exactly W3C role here in affecting the eGov echo system of players
... I would suggest a focus on what W3C does that is really special about W3c
... categorization is common problem, it gets in the message of the way of having the message crafted
... and reaching people
... is W3C trying to influence a legislator, an administrative leader?
... that reduces the context
... I suggest some very short term focus on things that can be accomplished
... before the Group expires in May
... I personally focus on some small problem, knowing that I loose some context
... but keeping work alive and achieve a smaller goal

john: we wanted to position the Group as mediator between the very technical
... stuff that W3C produces and the government needs
... touching on things largely unique to W3C

josema: +1

rick: useful discussion, building the paths takes time, happy to discuss further later in time

john: let's convene a Group call next week, give time to people to review draft and comment

josema: ok

RESOLUTION: convene Group call next week, 17 Dec 2008; 14:00Z

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next meeting

[resolved above: 17 Dec 2008; 14:00Z]


Summary of Action Items

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