Media Fragments Working Group Teleconference

15 Oct 2008


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Raphael, Jack, Davy, Thierry, Erik, Silvia, Yves




<trackbot> Date: 15 October 2008


<raphael> scribenick: nessy

proposal to accept last meeting's minutes


*Michael requested to enable the image upload feature on the WG wiki

it now works

Silvia has uploaded a photo already


<raphael> http://www.w3.org/2008/WebVideo/Fragments/wiki/FirstF2FAgenda

is the agenda ok and complete?

no objections

Monday will be mostly use cases

please prepare some material for your use cases

the discussion of the syntax will be on Tuesday

jackjansen would like to swap the use cases around, because he can attend only on Tuesday

proposes switch of discussion I and discussion III

raphael is ok with it

no further comments

remember to prepare more details on your use cases

please also enter into the wiki your arrival and departure times


action items to go through

<trackbot> Sorry, couldn't find user - items

Raphael to look into image maps spec re spatial fragment shape

image maps allow several different shapes

there are two types of image maps: client-side & server-side

server-side image maps are done with queries ("?") but are not often used on the Web

<Yves> server-side image maps were used back in 94/95, no longer now

cleint-side image maps have as a draw-back the problem that they cannot be indexed by search engines

the second action will be discussed during the F2F and thus documentation created

<Yves> close ACTION-3

<trackbot> ACTION-3 And Erik to document container formats closed

Silvia has sent a long email and a sketch on how fragments and protocols can work

she started with side conditions and then took into account all the different standards (HTTP, proxy, URI) that prvide restrictions

Yves was to check the status of ';' in a URI

he sent an email and found that ";" basically has the same restrictions as "?"

<Yves> ACTION-5 closed

<trackbot> ACTION-5 Check the status of ';' in a URI closed

he is not sure how many other applications are using ";" for different purposes

silvia mentions that we should check use of whatever syntax we decide upon by checking existing usage

<Yves> http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc3986.txt

Erik: ";" may be in use by others, too

jackjansen: requested a reading list for the plane

<Yves> Section 3.3 is the useful one, for ;


* Media Annotation UC: [Silvia]

Silvia focused on her action item

will have more at the F2F

* Media Delivery UC: [Davy]

<Erik> Day, you have to speak louder

Davy says we may only have to consider http

raphael: can you investigate more for next week?

* Media Linking UC: [Michael]

Michael modified the UC a little

added Bookmarking

scribe: Playlists
... and interlinking

possibility to get input from seesmic for these use cases

Silvia wonders what we can get from seesmic

WP plugin from Seesmic helps leaving comments

Jack: Seesmic is more about chatting than blogging

Silvia: yes, a "video twitter"

Raphael: much links happening between videos in Seesmic

Jack: they seem to still treat each session of video as a separate unit

Raphael: probably only because of current technology limitations
... if they had temporal URI, they would use it

Jack: ok..

Raphael: let's discuss more at the F2F

* Media Search UC: no volunteer

* Media Browsing UC: no volunteer

Raphael: may need input from the media annotations working group
... chance to meet them at TPAC to discuss more

* Photo Book UC: [Erik]

Erik will have something to present at F2F

* Map and Multi Resolution UC: [Raphael]

Raphael will have something to present at F2F

scribe: with discussion of what technologies are currently used

* Karaoke UC: no volunteer


* Moving Point of Interest UC: [Davy & Erik]

relevant in second phase of WG

nothing to report right now

* Video Browser UC: [Silvia]

will present something at F2F

no further questions on use cases


<raphael> http://www.w3.org/2008/WebVideo/Fragments/wiki/State_of_the_Art

** HTTP/URI (Michael/Yves)

** RTSP Fragment (Silvia)

** SMIL (Jack)

** CMML (Silvia)

** MPEG-21 (Davy/Silvia)

** Spatial Fragment (Raphael)

Issues page is mostly focused on HTTP/URI case

Raphael: Silvia, would you like to add something to CMML

<raphael> Jack: CMML relevant since it allows to attach annotations to media fragments

<raphael> Silvia: small overlap

Silvia: CMML relevant from the POV of naming segments in media files
... but the attachment of metadata, descriptions, timed text and outgoing hyperlinks are not that relevant to this WG

Jack: curious to discuss at F2F

<Erik> work hard :)


no other business

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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