XML Security Specifications Maintenance Working Group Teleconference

26 Feb 2008


See also: IRC log


Ed Simon, Hal Lockhart, Sean Mullan, Frederick Hirsch, Phillip Hallam Baker, Rob Miller, Donald Eastlake, Bruce Rich, Thomas Roessler, Pratik Datta, John Wray
Juan_Carlos_Cruellas, Konrad_Lanz, Shivaram_Mysore
Frederick Hirsch
Sean Mullan




<trackbot-ng> Date: 26 February 2008

<PHB> Testy testy testy test.... Plz ignore

<tlr> so you're in a testy mood today?

<tlr> http://demotivators.com/mis24x30prin.html

<fjh> Scribe: Sean Mullan

<sean> * yes


<sean> rob is scribe next week

<fjh> suggest cancelling calls on March 11 and March 25

<brich> +1

<tlr> +1

<sean> RESOLUTION: cancel calls on March 11 and March 25

<fjh> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Member/member-xmlsec-maintwg/2008Feb/0005.html


<fjh> working on draft charter

<fjh> http://www.w3.org/2008/02/xmlsec-charter.html

<tlr> draft charter will go into AC review soon now, maybe a few minor edits

<fjh> http://www.w3.org/2008/02/19-xmlsec-minutes.html

<fjh> can we approve minutes?

<sean> RESOLUTION: February 19 minutes approved

test case doc

<fjh> http://www.w3.org/2007/xmlsec/interop/xmlsig-interop-doc/testcases.html

<tlr> sorry, no progress on that one yet

Best Practices

fjh: not essential, nice to have
... could pull sth together ..
... might put sth on list if time ...
... calls next week, in two weeks after that ...
... need to decide that we're either doing or not doing it ...
... in reality, new group to start in mid-May ...
... at least that's my anticipation ...
... this one might go on a tad beyond end of March ...
... if we want to, could use some of that time ...

tlr: should take up overtime vs extension question at transition call

fjh: discussed that at CG

hal: do we expect more people -- slot?

fjh: open to suggestions
... don't know who else would join ...

hal: time slot unattractive for west coast

fjh: assuming people here interested in continuing

<tlr> suggest time slot for working group to decide

fjh: don't erase slot from calendars

hal: not much competition

fjh: make progress on best practices
... not a showstopper if not

action item review

<tlr> ACTION-145?

<trackbot-ng> ACTION-145 -- Sean Mullan to look at W3C document license compatibility with sharing test cases with Apache -- due 2008-02-19 -- OPEN

<trackbot-ng> http://www.w3.org/2007/xmlsec/Group/track/actions/145

<tlr> sean: Apache is happy to include test cases under W3C document license.

<tlr> ACTION-145 closed

<fjh> sean, can you send a quick e-mail?

<sean> don't want to speak on behalf of legal folks

<fjh> maybe just say the action is done, and here's the result

<tlr> trackbot-ng, close ACTION-145

<trackbot-ng> ACTION-145 Look at W3C document license compatibility with sharing test cases with Apache closed

<tlr> ACTION-147 continued

ACTION 147 still open

<tlr> ACTION-148 continued

any other business

tlr: check in with donald about dsig core PR
... maybe minor changes then proposed rec
... donald, what is your timeline?

donald: reformatting not too bad
... polished internet draft probably by end of March

fjh: what else besides formatting?

donald: ietf last call
... meeting week of march 10, check if we have a sponsor
... they might have changes but don't forsee technical changes
... then 4 week last call
... push ahead, can't predict exactly how long
... unlikely large problems will arise

<tlr> 9-14 March

<tlr> http://www.ietf.org/meetings/71-IETF.html

fjh: how should we track this?

donald: just mechanical, will report back on progress

<sean> is this the "revised algorithm URIs" RFC

<donald> tried to keep that draft open for a while

<tlr> ... getting some complaints ...

<tlr> ... this conversation was about dsig-core ...

<fjh> original document was joint effort

<tlr> ... there were two publications ...

<donald> there were actually two publications in the IETF

<tlr> ... draft standard, one minor feature taken out ...

donald: did an additional version of alg uri draft
... will spin a new draft and notify people when i do that
... inclined to get it done sooner rather than later

fjh: anything else?
... hal where do we stand with best practices?

hal: try to get something out by mid to late march


Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]