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The UWA Working Group focuses on extending the Web to enable distributed applications of many kinds of devices including sensors and effectors


The W3C Ubiquitous Web Applications Working Group was launched in March 2007 with the vision of reducing the costs for developing applications involving ubiquitous networked devices, based upon W3C's strengths in declarative representations. For a longer introduction to the UWA WG please read our Introduction to the UWA.

Hot Topics

Here are the current hot topics being developed in the UWA WG (as of 4 November 2009):

Previous Hot Topics


The UWA replaces the Device Independence Activity and inherit its documents which range from Working Group Notes all the way to full W3C Recommendations. See the UWA documents page. Our roadmap describes each of our current work items and is also used to help with scheduling the weekly teleconferences. We have a public mailing list and archive.

How to give feedback?

Feedback on UWA documents is very welcome on the list (archive).

To subscribe to this list, Send an email to with the word subscribe in the email subject header. To unsubscribe, send an email to the same address with the word unsubscribe in the email subject header. For additional help, consult the W3C's public email list pages. To contact the Chair, email Matt Womer <>.

Purpose of this wiki

This wiki is intended for use in facilitating collaborative editing of materials relating to the vision, Use Cases, Requirements and source materials for work on the Ubiquitous Web. We hope to explore the use of the wiki for generating W3C Technical Reports, taking advantage of the Semantic MediaWiki extensions to add simple, machine-processable annotations to the wiki's articles (currently the semantic extensions are not available).

Contributing to the UWA Wiki

Editing of wiki articles is restricted to members of the Ubiquitous Web Applications Working Group and invitees. If you are interested in contributing to the wiki, please email Dave Raggett (Chair) and Matt Womer (Team Contact)'.

Meeting Details

Coordination, records, and details of our meetings are available on our Meeting Details page.

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