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The outcome was a heavy defeat for the new House Democractic leadership. Ways and means committee chairman Dan Rostenkowski looked particularly inept. He took a vacillating, off- again, on-again, stand and eventually lost control of his committee. Majority Leader Richard Gephardt, failed to recognize the strength of the drive for a capital-gains cut. Finally, but too late, he helped draft the Democratic alternative - which combined deductible IRA contributions for everybody with an increase in the tax rate on people with incomes over $200,000 . The capital gains cut, he declared, was "designed to keep Leona Helmsley's dream alive - that only little people pay taxes." Republicans retorted, in effect, There you go again, proposing a tax increase . " Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, and Democrats gotta raise taxes " was the way one G.O.P. quip put it.
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Even if you expect readers to use English on your site, be careful how you write your English. Don't expect people who use English as a second language to understand all the idioms, words or concepts you are familiar with. (This slide is just an example to make the point that English people may not even understand American texts - see the bits in blue.)
Also consider the complexity of your grammar. Short, simple sentences can often help non-native speakers.