The Web on the Move - W3C's Mobile Web Initiative

W3C Mobile Web Initiative

Dr. Philipp Hoschka
W3C Deputy Director
Ubiquitous Web Domain Leader

Keynote MW20 Opening Ceremony - Seoul, Korea
March 27, 2007


What is W3C ?

International Web Standards Organization

W3C Technologies

W3C technology stack

Ubiquitous Web Domain: Vision

W3C Technology for Embedded Applications

Photos of Web on phones, TV, refrigerator, cars, plane
  • Examples
    • Interactive voice response systems
    • Mobile phone user interfaces
    • Mobile phone applications
    • Car dashboard
    • ...
  • Relevant W3C Technologies
    • VoiceXML
    • SVG
    • RWC/Ajax
    • Multimodal Interaction
    • ...

W3C Technology for Ubiquitous Computing

Photos of Web on phones, TV, refrigerator, cars, plane
  • Multi-device, wireless applications
  • Application development using Web technologies
    • ECMAscript, Markup, Ajax, ...
    • Large pool of developers available
  • Web applications for "Internet of Things"
  • Relevant W3C Technologies
    • REX
    • Delivery Context: Interfaces (DCI)

Example: Sending Web Content to Bluetooth Devices

bluetooth speakers bluetooth frames


Wake Up! Audience Participation Time

Potential: Growing Business

Mobile Browsing prediction

A significant proportion of subscribers have terminals enabled for browsing. The active user population is rapidly growing, and despite the downward pressure on prices, mobile browsing is a strong revenue generator.

Source: W3C-MWI/Nokia

Mobile Browsing Growth Outpaces Other Services

Browsing revenu growth

Active users of mobile browsing services will increase by about 30% annually between 2006 and 2010, significantly more than the use of advertising, ringtones, SMS and other entertainment and media - even higher than subscriber growth

CA GR = compound average growth rate


Mobile Web: Growing Use

Potential: Mobile Web in Developing Countries

Man with mobile phone in Asia.  AFP, Deshakalyan Chowdhury

The Mobile Web can accelerate Internet access around the world by solving the "last kilometer" problem

Person with mobile phone in rural Africa


Who's Involved?

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Work Items: Current and Potential

OMA Liaison


Why Best Practices are Needed

Typical horror reaction of a user faced with some Web sites on a mobile device

Mobile Web Best Practices

Example Guidelines

W3C Mobile Web Best Practices Checker

Screenshot of the checker in action

Checker Well Received!

mobileOK Validator statistics

Best Practices Take-Up: Google

BP reference in Google Webmaster resources

Best Practices Take-Up: Orange

Reference to BP/MWI at Orange

Take-Up of Best Practices: Examples

"mobileOK" Conformance Mark

mobileOK Logo

"mobileOK": Upcoming


It's 1996 All Over Again ...

Web 1996 Mobile Web 2006
Too slow Too slow
Online Services Walled Gardens
Lack of interoperability Lack of interoperability
Child protection Child protection
Not accessible Not accessible

... But Some Things Easier

Web 1996 Mobile Web 2006
Web is a novelty Web is a mass medium
Few connected users Many potentially-connected users
Lack of content Lots of potential content and developers
No industry Large potential industry

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