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Unary DT Implementation

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Unary Datatype Implementation Report

Goal of this document is to provide a repository of information on existing implementations for use in WG discussion of OWL 1.1 features.


OWL 1.0 & RDF

OWL 1.1

'length' | 'minLength' | 'maxLength' | 'pattern' | 'minInclusive' | 'minExclusive' | 'maxInclusive' | 'maxExclusive' | 'totalDigits' | 'fractionDigits'


See implementation matrix for status on built-ins listed in OWL 1.0 docs and facets listed in member submissions.

Additional Notes By Reasoner

Pellet 1.5.1
  • Supports SimpleTypes in external XML Schema documents by name
  • Supports xsd:duration