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Call in details

If joining late please don't identify yourself verbally; instead, Identify Yourself to ZAKIM on IRC


  • ADMIN (20 min)
    • Roll call
    • Agenda amendments
    • PROPOSED: Accept Previous Minutes
    • Action items status
      • Pending Review Actions
        • Action 77 Send an e-mail to the list with ideas on how to bridge DLP and OWL Prime/Boris Motik
        • Action 39 Imports proposal 1
      • Due and overdue Actions
        • Action 43 Develop scripts to extract test cases from wiki, coordinating with Bijan, Jeremy, Alan./Sandro Hawke
        • Action 62 Add test guidelines to working group to agenda for next week/Alan Ruttenberg
        • Action 70 Put his use case for punning onto a wiki page/Markus Krötzsch
        • Action 72 Put his use case for punning onto a wiki page (for reasoning associated with punned properties, and the question about object data property punning vs annotation properties)/Alan Ruttenberg
        • Action 76 Arrange HP review of OWL Prime page/Jeremy Carroll
  • Proposals to Resolve Issues (0 mins)
  • General Discussions (40 min)
  • Issues (25 min)
    • Raised Issues
    • Resolved Editorial Issues
    • Issue Discussions
      • Issue 3 Lack of anonymous individuals
      • Issue 68 mapping rules are non-monotonic (more precisely, this relates to the mapping of the qualified cardinality constructors)
      • Issue 91 Spec lacks ontology properties (compatibility with OWL 1.0)
      • Issue 95 No compatibility restrictions between the datatype being restricted and the facets in the DatatypeRestriction construct
  • Additional other business (5 min)

Next Week(s)