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Response Protocol

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  • Everybody, but editors in particular, should monitor public-owl-comments@w3.org
  • Nobody in the WG should respond "unofficially" to comments posted to this list
  • Comments that are posted to this list will be added to the log and discussed by the WG
  • A response will be agreed by the WG and then "officially" communicated to the person(s) who posted the comment
  • WG members are free to respond to comments on other "unofficial" lists
    • But it is good practice to clearly state that this is a personal opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the OWL WG
    • This is essential if discussing (on some other list) a comment that has been made on public-owl-comments
  • If someone posts a comment to a list other than public-owl-comments we should make a response (appropriate to the tone/style of the list), like:
If you want a formal reply, please forward this to the
public-owl-comments list. If you don't want a formal reply, do you
mind if I forward this to public-owl-comments for our record?


Would you mind sending your comments to public-owl-comments@w3.org,
where they will be publically archived and read by the entire Working
Group?  All comments sent to that address will be taken into account
for future OWL documents, and you will receive an official reply
from the Working Group describing what decisions we made in response
to your comment.  (If you don't want a reply like that, or your
comments don't actually require decisions by the group, please just
say so in your e-mail.)