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The changed OWL 1 Full semantics of owl:DataRange.

It has been decided to deprecate the use of this URI in favor of rdfs:Datatype. Additionally, the old OWL 1 Full semantics had some problems, which need to be fixed.

The changes of the semantics are based on the following analysis: [1]

Changes to the semantics of data ranges

  • The table "Parts" receives a new entry for owl:DataRange (there is currently no such entry in the OWL 1 Full spec).
  • In table "Parts": The content of the entry for owl:DataRange will be identical to the entry for rdfs:Datatype (except for the field "Note").
    • CEXT_I(S_I(owl:DataRange)) = IDC
  • The use of owl:DataRange is deprecated (perhaps by adding an annotation in the "Note" field of the "Parts" table)
  • In table "Characteristics", entry for "owl:DataRange": The content of of the "Note" field is removed, since the old note in the OWL 1 Full spec is confusing ("OWL dataranges are special kinds of datatypes").

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