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If you have other proposals add them to this list, providing information on where and when, and who you are. Adding to this list commits you to support the event! If there is any extra relevant information, please add it. Pointing to an email that you sent out is also useful. If there are proposals that have no point person, then votes for them will not count.

Voting (Please vote by 21 November 2007)

If you care when and where F2F2 should be please indicate your preferences here. Votes are "prefer" (best), "will go" (second best), "will reluctantly go", "at risk", and "won't go". These are your best guesses at this time, so don't hedge too much.

  • Peter Patel-Schneider prefer Washington, won't go to OZ, at risk for Beijing
  • Conrad Bock: prefer Washington, Beijing might be difficult for government travel.
  • Deborah McGuinness: prefer Washington, probably wont go to Beijing or Oz
  • Vipul Kashyap prefer Washington, not likely to go to Beijing or Sydney
  • EvanWallace: prefer Washington, probably won't go to Beijing, Oz could be future F2F
  • AlanRuttenberg: prefer Washington, might be in Beijing, OZ could be future F2F (Though I am there first week of Feb)
  • AnneCregan: prefer Sydney, won't be going to Washington or Beijing
  • Ian Horrocks: prefer Washington, not sure yet about Beijing, at risk for Sydney unless co-located with some other relevant meeting/conference
  • Sandro Hawke: prefer Washington, will reluctantly go to Beijing or Sydney
  • Jim Hendler: prefer Washington, would not be able to do Beijing or Sydney unless we postponed to the summer
  • Bijan Parsia: prefer Washington, at risk for Beijing (assuming WWW colo), won't go to Sydney
  • Ivan Herman: prefer Beijing, at risk for Washington, won't go (this time) to Sydney
  • Rinke Hoekstra: prefer Washington because of OWLED, both Beijing and Sydney are tricky (funding)
  • Uli: prefer Washington, don't think i will make it to Beijing or Sydney
  • Martin Dzbor Washington (visa needed elsewhere = higher cost)
sees bijan, alanr on the speaker queue
	<Rinke>	... uli, boris, bernardo... you didn't respond yet?
	<bmotik>	No preference
	<uli>	oups - i thought i had: preference for washington
	<bcuencag>	beijing or DC
	<Rinke>	... any preference Washington, Bejing, Sydney
	<Rinke>	JeffP: beijing
	<bijan>	zakim, unmute me
	<Zakim>	bijan should no longer be muted
	<MartinD>	prob. washington for me
	* jeremy	has a *personal* preference for Beijing, but the poll is for *HP*'s view, which would be cost saving!!
	<MichaelSmith>	I prefer DC, at risk for Beijing, no to sydney
	<Carsten>	I can probably neither come to Washington nor Beijing, but Sydney may be possible
	<vit>	no preference for me for F2F2