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The mission of the International Relations team is to coordination the activities of W3C in terms of liaising with peers and other international organizations in the areas of technical policy and standardization. It reinforces W3C's commitment to developing one Web for everyone. The liaisons team acts as a catalyst and enabler for both the W3C management team and the Members.

As explained in our Process document, all liaisons are coordinated by the Team due to requirements for communication, patent, copyright, or other IPR policies, and confidentiality.

As regular activities, we participate in various fora, like ICANN, IETF, EC MSP, etc, and we manage a formal ISO PAS process for transposing W3C RECs into International Standards.

For our Members, the staff tracks our official ingoing/outgoing liaison requests in member-archive-liaisons (which is not a valid alias for anyone else to send email to).

International Relations also tries to spread W3C's messages and technologies beyond the Consortium's usual geographical and Web community frontiers. Our goal is to make it easier for new stakeholders to discover and participate in W3C's work and values.

Liaisons Contacts

The best way to reach W3C about liaisons and partnerships is to send email to team-liaisons@w3.org which will reach W3C staff members active in the area. Please consult our liaisons public table to find our existing contacts.

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