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Toward More Transparent Government: Workshop on eGovernment and the Web

Submitted Position Papers

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Submitted Position Papers

22 position papers submitted.

Author Title
Anil Saldhana (Redhat) Secure E-Government Portals- Building a web of trust and convenience for global citizens
Robert Pearson (Sun Life Financial) Delivering Universally Accessible eServices to Citizens
Brand Niemann (EPA/SICoP), Mills Davis (Project10X/SICoP) Position Paper from the Federal CIO Council's Semantic Interoperability Community of Practice (SICoP)
Brad J. Cox (Binary Group) Paving the Bare Spots: Towards an Enterprise-wide Defense Service Bus (and amplification)
Patrice McDermott (OpentheGovernment.org) What is E-Government – How Will It Affect Us?
Adrian Walker (Reengineering) A Wiki for Knowledge in Open Vocabulary, Executable English Over Distributed Data
Jeffrey C. Griffith Beyond Transparency: New Standards for Legislative Information Systems
Gary Berg-Cross (Engineering Management & Integration (EM&I)) Exploring eGov Cooperation and Knowledge Sharing using Geospatial Ontologies in a Semantic Wiki
John Sheridan, Carol Tullo (UK Office of Public Sector Information) Position Paper from UK Office of Public Sector Information
Chris Testa, Mary Ambrosio (Library of Congress) Improving Search for Government Resources: Open Standards and Government, Industry Collaboration
J.H. Snider (iSolon.org) Citizens Assemblies: A Mechanism for Enhancing Legislative Transparency and Accountability
Chris Testa (Library of Congress) Designing the User-Centric eGovernment: The THOMAS Legislative Information System
Phillip Hallam-Baker A Pre-History of Web Politics
Cory Casanave (Model Driven Solutions) The Architecture of Services: Achieving Business Value with SOA in the Government
Cory Casanave (Model Driven Solutions) Designing a Semantic Repository: Integrating architectures for reuse and integration
Marc Wilhelm Küster (CEN/ISSS CDFG/University of Applied Sciences Worms) Cultural Diversity in eGovernment and eGovernment Standardization in Europe
James Bryce Clark (OASIS) Practical lurches towards semantic interoperability, and standards mash-ups in public sector data
Kevin Novak, Michelle Springer (Library of Congress) Government as a Participant in Social Networks. Adding Authority to the Conversation.
Stuart Shulman, Jamie Callan, Eduard Hovy, Stephen Zavestoski Collaborative Research: Language Processing Technology for Electronic Rulemaking
Richard C. Murphy (General Services Administration) Information Flow in the Federal Enterprise Redux: Governing Federations, Sharing Information and Ensuring Privacy
John Wonderlich (The Sunlight Foundation) How the Sunlight Foundation Promotes Transparency in Government
J.L. Needham (Google) Ensuring government is only one search away: Implementing the Sitemap protocol

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