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W3C Wiki Access Control

See also: HelpOnAccessControlLists, W3C Wiki Admin Guide

The information below may be outdated, per Jean-Gui's mail of 13-August-2010. Jean-Gui writes

"Wikis are now tied to Web accounts, so [anyone with] a Team account, [should] be able to edit any wiki without restriction."

There are two methods used to control read and write access to W3C Wiki instances:

  1. Some Wiki instances are configured to use the WorkingGroup page to list the usernames of people who should have write access. Anyone who can edit the WorkingGroup page can authorize other Wiki accounts for write access. Generally, public read access is granted.
  2. For Member-only wikis, the Apache configuration is used to require authentication with a W3C Web access credentials. This is most effective for controlling read access to the wiki, though it can also be used to provide more granular read/write controls.