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Mobile Web: Growing Use (1)

Distribution of mobile data traffic

Source: Nokia study, 2005

Mobile Web: Growing Use (2)

Active Users Increasing, Strong Revenue Generation Despite Price Erosion

Mobile Browsing prediction

A significant proportion of subscribers have terminals enabled for browsing. The active user population is rapidly growing, and despite the downward pressure on prices, mobile browsing is a strong revenue generator.

Source: W3C-MWI/Nokia

Mobile Browsing Growth Outpaces Other Services

Browsing revenu growth

Mobile browsing is set to significantly outpace subscriber growth in the coming years, overshadowing other services such as advertising, ringtones, SMS and other entertainment and media.



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It's 1996 All Over Again ...

Web 1996 Mobile Web 2006
Too slow Too slow
Lack of interoperability Lack of interoperability
Child protection Child protection
Not accessible Not accessible

... But Some Things Easier

Web 1996 Mobile Web 2006
Few connected users Many potentially connected users
Lack of content Lots of potential content and developers
No industry Large potential industry