Code Project: 吹雪W3C/Keio University Internship Proposal

Normative dependencies between W3C specifications

The internship will give you a unique opportunity to be exposed to the latest Web technologies developed within W3C, the Web standards organization.

The project is divided into 4 sub-projects / students.

Language: Japanese AND English (French is a possibility)

Tech: XHTML, data modelization, notion of RDF/n3, notion of XSLT

The number of W3C Specifications is growing every year. Recent specifications are built on top of previous W3C specifications creating what we call "normative dependencies". A normative dependency means that you need to implement part of the referenced technology to be able to implement the current specification. Sometimes these dependencies go to two or three levels and have hidden implications.

The goal of the project is to create one part of the system which makes easier the analysis and maintenance of normative dependencies between specifications. It will have benefit for the specification editors but also for the developers using W3C technologies showing them what they will have to consider when implementing one technology. A previous work has been done by Ryan Lee, but it needs to be updated and have documentation written.

Data modelling

How do we organize a model of normative references?

Involves: Data Modelization, RDF Schema, User documentation, RDF

Data extraction

It involves to write a parser which reads a XHTML document and extract references to put them in an appropriate RDF format, ideally the one proposed in Data modelling. User documentation to explain the input format for the extractor.

Involves: XSLT, XHTML/XML Scraping, XML, RDF, User documentation

Data query

It will be necessary to create the UI in Form and/or XForms to query the RDF data and produce a list of references in XHTML.

Involves: RDF, SPARQL, XHTML, XForms

Data visualization

User Interface to represent data are very important. It helps often to understand the relationships between the data. A visualizer of the RDF database showing a specification and its dependencies with links is necessary. Maybe something with contextual visualization, previous models have been realized for example FOAFCorp (based on RDF, javascript and SVG).

Involves: RDF, SVG, javascript (Ajax), Graphics Design, UI