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Issues tracker: ISSUE-26, ISSUE-27

The first decision point here is, do we move all support for label relations out of the SKOS vocabulary and into XL?

The second decision point is, do we publish XL as part of the SKOS Recommendation? If so, is it an appendix to the SKOS Reference, or is it a separate document?

We should continue discussion here *only if* we have previously agreed that XL is part of the SKOS Recommendation. Otherwise, we should move on to other issues in scope, and postpone detailed discussion of XL.

If XL is to be part of the recommendation, then:



Discussion and comments (most recent first):

Pattern: n-ary relations between plain literals ...

  <skos:altLabel>World Health Organization</skos:altLabel>
      <ex:fullForm>World Health Organization</ex:fullForm>

Pattern: binary relations between instances of xl:Label ...

    <xl:Label rdf:about="L1">
    <xl:Label rdf:about="L2">
      <xl:literalForm>World Health Organization</xl:literalForm>
      <ex:acronym rdf:resource="L1"/>