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Agenda - Semantic Web Deployment WG face-to-face

8-9 October, Amsterdam

Meeting packet

2007-10-08 Monday

2007-10-09 Tuesday

RDFa (Mark Birbeck, 3 hours)


General reading

Three central issues (Alistair, 2007-06-26 posting)

"Labeling properties" (Alistair)

Background information and discussion for this topic is given in the following document:

This document is required reading, along with the SKOS Core Guide (section: Labelling Properties) and the SKOS Core Vocabulary Specification (only sections skos:prefLabel, skos:altLabel and skos:hiddenLabel).

Some notes and simplified decision points are at /SkosLabellingProperties.

"Semantic Relation Properties" (Sean)

What are the semantics of skos:broader and skos:narrower? There are several open questions:

The transitivity of the relationships could be enshrined in the vocabulary, e.g. through making skos:broader and skos:narrower instances of owl:transitiveProperty. Or we can say nothing and leave it up to applications to decide whether to treat the relationships as transitive. Specific vocabularies may also be able to define transitive subproperties of broader/narrower if required.

Similarly for reflexivity, although this requires expressivity outside of OWL (but which is in the proposed OWL 1.1 spec).

Questions to consider:

Potential solutions:

Relevant issues:

Background reading:

Related material:

Alistair's strawman proposal for semantics of broader/narrower/related:

"Concept Semantics" (Antoine)

Problems to discuss:

Required reading:

Relevant issues:

What are the semantics of skos:Concept?

skos:Concept is currently declared as { skos:Concept rdf:type rdfs:Class . } ... is this ok? Is this enough? What about the OWL universe?

Alistair's strawman proposal for semantics of skos:Concept:

Discussion from Alistair on interaction with major design patterns for working with SKOS and OWL:

"Label relations" (Guus)

SKOS allows to represent semantic relationships (broader, related) between concepts. It also allows to represent relationships between concepts and labels (prefLabel, altLabel). However, there is nothing proposed in SKOS to capture links between labels themselves, a configuration which sometimes happens in concept schemes.

Relevant issues:

Required background reading:

Three options will be discussed in Amsterdam

Discussion from Alistair on variations of the "Simple Extension" proposal:

Drawing the picture (discussion leader?)

Problems to discuss:

Relevant issues:

Alistair's strawman proposal for a semantics for skos:ConceptScheme:

Other Reading:

Vocabulary Management (Vit locally, Elisa remotely): 60 minutes

To be discussed late afternoon Monday 16:00+ so that Elisa can join.

Discussion points

Required Reading

Suggested Reading

Background reading:

Recipes for publishing RDF vocabularies (Jon)

SKOS issues (as of 2007-08-21)

SKOS requirements (as of 2007-08-21)