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F2F Topic -- SKOS Labelling Properties

This page is for convenience, to support the discussion of the SKOS "Labelling Properties" topic. See also

What are the semantics of skos:prefLabel, skos:altLabel and skos:hiddenLabel?

How do we state the semantics?

Agreeing the Semantics

Sub-Topic A: Range Semantics?

Option 1...

Option 2...

Sub-Topic B: Disjoint Properties?

Option 1...

Sub-Topic C: Cardinality?

Option 1...

Sub-Topic D: Super-Property?

Option 1...

Stating the Semantics


Sub-Topic E: Formally Stating the Range Semantics

(Assuming option 1 for sub-topic A - range is the class of RDF plain literals.)

Option 1...

Option 2...

(Assuming option 2 for sub-topic A - range contains the class of RDF plain literals.)


Sub-Topic F: Literal Object Syntax Constraint?

I.e. is the following graph allowed?

ex:foo skos:prefLabel ex:bar.

E.g. normative prose:

Sub-Topic G: Formally Stating Disjointness?

Sub-Topic H: Disjointness Syntax Constraint?

Sub-Topic I: Formally Stating Cardinality?

Sub-Topic J: Cardinality Syntax Constraint?

Sub-Topic K: OWL Property Type?

(Depends on resolution of sub-topic A.)