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EOWG 23 June 2006 Minutes



Doyle_Saylor, George_Heake, Helle_Bjarno, Bingham, Jack, +44.207.391.aaaa, Loughborough, andrew, Shawn, Justin_Thorp, Judy, Sylvie, Henny, Liam_McGee


Deliverables List

Judy: A few people have made comments about updating How People With Disabilities use the web

Shawn: Bottom of the list has a highlight of things we have finished
... Did some work on the Eval Suite.
... Rolled out the WAI Web Site Redesign
... Did Intro and Overview Pages
... Finished Business Case
... Finished Standards Harmonization
... Finished Retrofitting

Judy: Look at 2006 Q3
... Feel free to make a comment on what we think may be needed
... We are talking more on a planning level not really on a detail level.

Helle: What can we expect for WCAG 2.0 Schedule?

Judy: They will process 100s of comments that come in
... Its pretty likely that they would have to do a second last call
... I don't expect to be another draft in two or four weeks
... Hopefully within in a month they would know much better

Helle: What is the reaction to each of the baseline stuff?

Judy: They were waiting for a lot of the comments to come in. In the cognitive areas, there will be some conversations happening to get more clarity.
... Things have been very busy. They haven't had time to completely prepare their plan on all of this.
... For the baseline, EO sent some of the strongest comments on this. They may be able to take some parts and rework stuff
... Shawn will be leading the taskforce on all the WCAG support changes
... Given the stage they have gotten to. The more EO helps them the better.

Shawn: I agree that we will be real careful to not do work that would have to be redone

Shawn, there might be a list of things that we want to publish now

William: If these are largely internal that's fine, if we are putting out something that could be strongly affected by 2.0, not sure if we should do that
... Like descriptions of the documents themselves

Judy: There will be additional phases for WCAG 2.0. For each phase, they need to documents to explain it very well.
... This one there was so much explanatory material that it was overwhelming for people.
... I think EO should be very involved in that

Harvey: They benefit from our ongoing observation and comments.

Jack: its a balance between being their early and late, i think the balance we have is really good. It is good for us in the long run to have them initially as clean as possible

Helle: after your explanation, id be comfortable if we are following the WCAG development very closely and can adjust our deliverables very closely
... We can help them more.

Shawn: Hell, Accurate summary of situation

Judy: Add a note - EO will be coordinating closely to the task force and that could affect our timing
... Back to 3rd Quarter Deliverables 2006

Shawn: What is the first three documents, have three different editors. Those three things can go on in parallel.
... The icons help us to know will this be a quick thing or a long thing.

Jack: How much time?

Judy: Depends on the editor

Jack: Four to Five Hours A Week

Judy: Would it be easier to have an actual quantity? Lets say an estimated number of editing hours and estimated number of calls.

Harvey: I just want a tabulation.

Jack: Icons are nice to compare one thing to another

Judy: Sylvie, with the orientation on the icons, is it annoying or make sense?

Sylvie: Its more complicated. It would be easier with a number.

Shawn: Can we just accept something that works for everyone? More time we spend on this the less time we spend working on the document.

Jack: Since it doesn't work for sylvie i'd say just use the numbers

Judy: Other comments on quarter 3?

William: What does #7 mean?

Judy: in the past our documents were much more geared to technical audience ...recently we have done more with introduction...we still have hardly many materials for the disability community
... Like...how to advocate

William: I'd love to move that higher in the list

Judy: Seems like most of these groups don't feel empowered with the information they have to advocate
... It takes some orientation to figure out where to start

Doyle: I thought that was a good summary. I thought that was very insightful. its a big issue that ought to be addressed

Judy: We probably have critical mass with people in the group to help to be able to deliver the materials needed
... I am constantly hearing what people want.
... We have had much better luck with task forces in the last year and half
... Do we need to bump things further down on the list?

Helle: Would any of those be appropriate for face to face meetings later in this year?

Judy: We don't have any face to face scheduled but we need to. Brainstorming is good at face to face but the transition is different.

Helle: Sometimes when we did it face to face it didn't fit in with schedules of friday calls

Judy: We need to try to time the face to face while something is in development.
... Other reaction on the priority of development of documents for people with disabilities?
... One thing on the promotional campaign...of the the things on the list ...right now in the first quarter we don't have anything on the aging side
... We are overdue on the planning with one of our US funding sources.

William: Are we overstating the timeline of WCAG 2.0?

Shawn: We are working closely with them.

Helle: The promotional campaign is related to some US funding?

Judy: yes
... its fairly open ended to what it would cover.

Shawn: It could be somewhat related

Judy: Around the room, does this look like the right stuff?

Doyle: Looks like the right stuff

Harvey: We are going to be busy

Jack: Probably okay
... There's more to do than we can

George: The Education & outreach stuff is wanted. The more we can get out there. If we can do it with the promotional campaign.

Judy: Shawn and I need to get together to figure it out.

Henny: Looks good ...promotional stuff around WCAG 2.0 is especially important.

Andrew: There are a lot of items there. I'd prefer to half as many things and lets get it done.
... if we can selecting eval tools can be aligned with the tools database

Liam: I'd love to see education & outreach materials bumped up
... Like #7

Sylvie: There is much to do

William: what if you put all the items with TF and box them off? Its a separate world. It deals with something that is ongoing. That would make it more inline with Andrews numbers.

Andrew: I thought that earlier.

Judy: The way the task force operates is they are to bring it back to their parent working group.
... Maybe boxing those would be helpful

Shawn: Its still the same people as the WG. Its taking resources from the group

Helle: If we could know in advance that we have something from a task force that would help to plan

Judy: We have communications plan for a task forces
... We try to plan with the task forces.

Helle: What about another editor?
... We have a new staff member?

Judy: We have Michael Cooper. He is going to be working with WCAG WG and PF WG

Liam: How many hours?

Judy: Depends on the document.

William: I can copy edit.

Judy: We have plenty of help with the proofing
... Lets look at the fourth quarter and get ahead of ourselves a little bit.
... We are getting some specific funding around some specific deliverables.
... Right now it doesn't seem we have much printed material.

William: What is reference pages and planning pages?

Judy: Justin is working on a pretty comprehensive update of the policy page
... Can people look at 2007 Q1?

Helle: If I look at 2 quarters ahead ...couldn't we move WCAG 2.0 support materials down?

Shawn: This is to make sure that we stay in touch.

Helle: Could this be in the task force?

Shawn: All the glossary terms that we had we were waiting for feedback from other working groups.

Judy: Additional deliverables?

William: We could put the wish list on the home page to get people's feedback.

Judy: Suggestion for support materials?

Liam: I like that

Shawn: I got a lot of good feedback at UPA

Judy: With the suggestion box, we get ideas that we can incorporate it into something that we are working on.
... We can chat a bit offline about and see if there is a way to do
... Who would be interested in a task force for documents for people with disabilities

George: I am interested

Wiliam: I am interested

Liam: I am

Doyle: I'd like to participate

Henny: Possibly

Sylvie: Not sure

Judy: I realize summer is coming up

Harvey: How about we not ignore SMILE

<Helle> Helle is also interested

Harvey: I have not studied SMILE a lot but it seems to help people who are aging

Judy: *explains SMIL*

<Andrew> doc is at http://www.w3.org/TR/SMIL-access/

Judy: We did an accessibility features paper on of SMIL
... Would we want to move up the accessibility features documents?

William: SMIL has been a rec for years?

Judy: Yes

William: How about there is always a companion document?

Judy: We have been working with WG to integrate accessibility into each specification

Andrew: Anyway that we can integrate into the specification is the best approach.

Harvey: Neither SMIL specs use the word accessibility.

<Harvey> I note the SMIL specs fail to include "accessibility"

Judy: We can review some W3C specs on whether they mention accessibility and then do more of an approach.

<shawn> http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/2006/wcag2eowg_tf

<Harvey> My comment: neither old nor current spec on SMIL include the word "accessibility".

WCAG Support Material Task Force

Shawn: We discussed this two weeks ago.
... We didn't make any changes. I worked with the WCAG WG Chairs. We added some deliverables. We would get approval from the different WG where relevant. WCAG WG approved yesterday
... We will keep in close contact with the WCAG WG so that we are most efficiently timed and planned. There has been a lot of attention paid to WCAG 2.0 over the last 2 months. There are some issues that need to keep addressing.
... Comments on the two lists under objectives ...which are priorities ...anything else missing from here

Andrew: Were you thinking the contributing to the editing would come later?

Shawn: It would depend on timing
... The overview is something that can be improved. it would help to fix some of the misconceptions.

William: The task force...we will deal with the language the clarifies?

Shawn: We work with what WCAG WG intends and communicate it.

Judy: We sent some specific comments and some major changes in it

Henny: I think the overview is an ongoing thing.
... Its WCAG 1.o to WCAG 2.0 transition.

Judy: A while back we were looking at possibly a workshop helping policy makers transition from WCAG 1.0 to 2.0

Shawn: Its just down in the list. Its in the EO list.

Andrew: Maybe we need to bring it to more of a technical level

Judy: There were people who specifically asked how to reference our stuff when we update
... They were asking for guidance or models

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