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EOWG 09 June 2006 Minutes



Wayne, Doyle_Saylor, Judy, Henny, Shadi, Bingham, Shawn, Justin_Thorp, Andrew, Jack, Loughborough, Liam_McGee


WCAG Support Materials Task Force

Judy: EO input into specific WCAG Materials

the work statement - http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/2006/wcag2eowg_tf

Shawn: Lot of opportunity and need to work on materials for WCAG 2.0
... Been very effective to use TF
... Everything still goes through EO
... WCAG WG would also give approval
... With this TF we want to get things out soon; more of a time commitment; will need for faster approval
... Around 4-6 hours a week

<judy> volunteers so far: harvey, henny, william, andrew, wayne

Judy: Things clear?

<Zakim> shawn, you wanted to ask about scheduling time to meet now

Judy: US Eastern Times - 9am, 4pm

<Andrew> for scheduling http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/meetingtime.html?month=6&day=9&year=2006&p1=43&p2=136&p3=137&p4=152

<judy> and volunteer also: pasquale

<pasquale> yes, thank you judy

<judy> pasquale -- can you do a teleconference at 11pm???

<pasquale> ok, what day?

<judy> monday?

<pasquale> ok

<shawn> all ok

Judy: Monday
... Tuesday?

Wayne: Difficult

<judy> pasquale, what about tuesday?

<judy> wednesday?

Judy: Wednesday?

<judy> pasquale?

Judy: Thursday?
... Friday?

William: Can't

Andrew: Can't

<pasquale> all the day go well; 11 pm is a good time for me ;-)

<shawn> fri - not for William & Andrew

monday, wed, thurs - good for all

Judy: Material that will be available

Possible WCAG 2.0 Support Document

Andrew: Doesn't specify version number

Henny: Does it have an output once you check stuff? Or does it remove the note checked stuff? Its not a form.

William: I don't know what it is based on the title

Harvey: Very jargon at this point

Wayne: Customize the document based on what you check

William: Allows authors to create checklists

<judy> William: customizable what?

<judy> (e.g. customizable quick reference to what?)

Andrew: Is there a plan to have a customizable check list?

Justin: Because I have no feedback, i don't know when I have done something

<Harvey> Spell out what WCAG is in title

Andrew: It has more than WCAG

Jack: Looks like it would be a really useful thing. I am not quite sure what my relationship is to the guidelines
... My first reaction is to start playing around

Shawn: Henny what is your brain processed?

<Harvey> Presumption: awareness what Success Criteria at Levels 1,2,3 implies prior awareness of WCAG 1.0

Henny: I played around with the checkboxes and went back to the introduction
... I am looking for the actual checklist itself
... I want to make things I can actually check off or not.

Jack: I started looking at this and the boxes with the checks. I was starting to figure that out first rather than reading the introduction.

Justin: For a developer, this is HUGE...may not be there 100% yet but it is great direction

<Harvey> First paragraph of Introduction is important. It gives motivation.

<Andrew> andrew: we should move the instruction to after the intro - but linked from the top & ToC

Shawn: Is it something people use every once and a while or something they use all the time?
... There is a trade off between first time novice use and repeat use

William: Maybe be able to block out the introduction once your done

Wayne: Frequent use

Henny: Will be use frequently, needs to be a tool for newbies

Liam: agrees

Andrew: Will use frequently for a while, and less frequently and then come back occasionally

Shawn: Andrew mentioned it doesn't talk about the version. It once had version used in the baseline
... What if they talked about version used?
... Leaving it out?

Andrew: Id be comfortable with rewording in the top three lines
... we can make it a little clearer.

Liam: Would be satisfied if there is a link from baseline word to baseline doc

Justin: Can we make it not linearized?

<Harvey> Introduction can identify purpose, with explanation of checklist idea.

Judy: What would you picture as the checklist?

Andrew: What was i expecting was the WCAG 1.0 Checklist
... I just want the success criteria

Shawn: Seems like that would be pretty easy

Judy: Hope to make this available

Wayne: Have Checkboxes for show the format of the report...

Shawn: Show techniques and show common failures
... were checkboxes

William: There is no place where i can load in my baseline and it will generate this for me.

Shadi: I am unsure how the tools fit in. A lot of the tools already put in for reporting what Andrew is talking about. They put in....It seems to be an application building up here
... Seems maybe we over simplified it

Judy: Thanks for interest

Next Meeting

Judy: Next Friday

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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