W3C Architecture Domain

New Position: Web Architecture Specialist

Note: Regretfully, this position is no longer proposed and we will not fulfill this position for the moment.

LEAD THE WEB TO ITS FULL POTENTIAL: The Architecture Domain seeks a Web technology evangelist and consensus-builder to help the development of Web technology standards and their deployments across the enterprise.

This is an opportunity to be part of the team responsible for the design of the next generation World Wide Web, to lead a variety of industry and user groups toward the development of services that enhance the Web, and to assist with W3C's work as team contact. The role of a W3C team contact is described in the W3C process.


The goal of the Architecture Domain is maintain and extend some of the Core technologies of the World Wide Web, including URI/IRI, XML, Web Services, and Internationalization. The W3C Architecture technologies enable people to exchange data on the Web every day from the protocol level, with HTTP and SOAP, and to the application level, with XML, XML Schema, or WSDL. It also includes technologies for data manipulation, with XSL Transformations, DOM, or XML Query. Our focus is to improve the stability of the existing platform; this includes interoperability between world wide applications, and extending their capabilities.


Candidates should meet the following requirements:

The position is based at ERCIM (Sophia-Antipolis, France), but remote working may be possible.

How to apply

To apply, please send a motivation letter and your résumé or CV in electronic form *before the end of April 2006* to job-application@w3.org