31 January 2006 Tag Teleconference

31 Jan 2006


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Tim, Noah, Henry, Roy
Vincent Quint




<scribe> Scribe: Ed


<DanC> (do we need a quorum? I suppose we can't approve the minutes without one)

Next Teleconf next week, same time Feb 7

Next week regrets: Norm.

<DanC> (hmm... hard to get critical mass on xmlFunctions/self-describing web)

Next week scribe: Noah (Dan Backup)

Approve Minutes of last teleconference

Question of critical mass for approval of last minutes.

<DanC> looks OK by me. http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Member/tag/2006Jan/0019.html

without critical mass, can we make decisions.

<DanC> (I don't think we need a quorum to withdraw an action)

with five tag members we can now progress.

Minutes from the last teleconferance

RESOLUTION: Minutes are approved from last teleconferance


Draft preface to a finding proposed by Norm.


<DanC> The self-describing web...

Norm: Did my best to put something together, the response was negative so I was waiting to see what Henry wrote to see if that helped any.
... Henry was going to attempt to do something this month, but he's not on the call.

Vincent: Looks like its difficult to make progress today without Henry. Other thoughts?

<DanC> . http://www.w3.org/DesignIssues/Meaning

Dan: Mark Baker had some non-negative feedback
... I think we have a silent majority

Norm: Yes, but nobody chimed in. I was hoping that Tim or someone else would jump in and help defend it.
... I'm sort of in the middle of the road. So I was hoping I would be convinced as well.
... My own position is in the middle: I want it to be the case that I can publish a document and have people use them, on the other hand I want to have the flexibility to use a document in a completely differant way than the author intended

Dan; Yes, I agree. But you cannot hold the author accountable for the results if you use the document in a way not intended by the author.

Dan: The trick is to start with a world where everyone agrees with a certain amount of things.
... So the introduction of new items would be simple by writting a web page which points to that document.
... so this is going to take a lot of explanation to set that basis.

Norm: The trick will be idenfitication of the functional components of the document/languages.

Vincent: I suggest we have a second round of discussion with Henry and Tim next week.

Norm: I'll be back in two weeks, and if there is significant discussios next week I'll save some time to take a stab at drafting some sort of finding.
... If we dont make progress, we can the following week when we're all on the phone.

Vincent: We probably shouldnt go much further with so many people missing.

Update on some issues

Vincent: I wanted to review quickly a few issues which have not been discussed recently and I wanted to try and decide what to do with these issues as well as the pending actions on these issues.


Vincent: Last discussion in Edinburgh. The discussion was not really inclusive and so my goal today to check to see if there is anything new.

Norm: The last time we discussed it we decided we could not decide what the need really was. Since our test case is no longer value, so I wrote to Dave to ask him what it was about.

Dave: I say we should probably just drop this.

Dan: You mean leave it on the issues list

Ed: If we dont know what the issue is.. should we leave it on the list.

<DanC> (why leave it on? because making it go away costs, too, as we saw last week.)

Dan: I prefer to call Norms action as done and keep it on the list for now.

<DanC> it=DerivedResources-43

Dan: Norms action is done.

Vincent: Yes, the issue is still open, but the actions are all closed.

<scribe> ACTION: Vincent to update the issues list [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2006/01/31-tagmem-minutes.html#action01]


<DanC> (I don't think it's worth tracking "update issues list" as an action)

Very old action from CL to draft a finding on this issue.

Vincent: I can check with him, just to clean up the action list.

<DanC> (reviewing the history of mediaTypeManagement-45, I find myself saying "mime type versioning is hairy". )


Last discussed Oct 2005

Vincent: The ball is in the XML CG working group.

Norm: I think I have the action on this, I'll address this in a couple of weeks.

Vincent: Yes, and last time you mentioned the xml schema working group.

Norm: Yes, you may want to bring this up with Henry next week. They may be discussing this now.

Vincent: We'll check with them next week.


<scribe> no progress since the announcement of the issue

Vincent: It was announced in May, 2005 (bug in the issues list recording it as 2004)
... It was announced six months ago. One open action assigned to Dan.

Dan: My action was to say whats going on in microformats
... this is again, how do you introduce new things into the web.
... I registered a mediatype under my own name, with a media type p9
... Once registered it allows you to create your own type just by creating a web page.

<DanC> registering formats in the web [uriMediaType-9] [Fwd: Request for MIME media type Application/Personal Tree - prs.]

Dan: I'm asking to withdrawl my action.

RESOLUTION: Dan's action is withdrawn action item

Vincent: other items?

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: Vincent to update the issues list [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2006/01/31-tagmem-minutes.html#action01]
[End of minutes]

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