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SWRL Implementations of RIF

This page discusses interchange between RIF and the Semantic Web Rule Language (SWRL).

Mapping SWRL to BLD

The following is a suggested mapping from SWRL to the RIF Basic Logic Dialect (BLD):

swrl:Ontology is mapped to a rif:Ruleset within a rif:Document.

ruleml:imp is mapped to rif:Forall. ruleml:_body is mapped to rif:if. ruleml:_head is mapped to rif:then. Multi-component heads are mapped into multiple rif:Foralls.

swrl:classAtom, swrl:individualPropertyAtom, swrl:datavaluedPropertyAtom, and swrl:builtinAtom are mapped to rif:Uniterm. These should be reversible provided OWL type information is available for the classes, properties, and builtins mapped to rif:op.

swrl:sameIndividualAtom is mapped to rif:Equal.

swrl:datarangeAtom has not yet been mapped.

swrl:differentIndividualsAtom cannot currently be mapped to BLD.

ruleml:var is mapped to rif:Var.

owlx:Individual is mapped to rif:Const with a rif:type of rif:iri.

owlx:DataValue is mapped to rif:Const with a rif:type of the specified XML Schema datatype.


swrl2bld.xsl is a simple XSLT stylesheet implementing the above mapping from SWRL/XML with named classes only to BLD/XML. It was written by MikeDean shortly after F2F7, and should evolve along with BLD.

Below are several examples of SWRL/XML input and corresponding BLD output.





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