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RIF Basic Logic Dialect

Harold Boley (National Research Council Canada)
Michael Kifer (State University of New York at Stony Brook)
Publication Date
30 October 2007
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Working Group participants please send comments as soon as possible, for a 30 October publication decision. Small changes may be made along the way.
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12 December 2007
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This document, developed by the Rule Interchange Format (RIF) Working Group, specifies a basic format that allows logic rules to be exchanged between rule-based systems.

As part of its Phase 1 deliverable, the RIF Working Group defines a condition language, which is envisioned to be a shared part of all RIF dialects. The RIF Condition Language is intended to be used in the bodies of the rules in RIF Basic Logic Dialect (RIF-BLD). The condition language is then extended to Horn rules and this document specifies a presentation syntax and a corresponding concrete XML syntax for RIF-BLD. A model-theoretic semantics for the language is also defined.

Table Of Contents

  1. RIF Overview

  2. RIF Condition Language

    1. Positive Conditions

    2. Slotted Conditions

    3. List Constructor and List Constructor with Alternative List Semantics

  3. RIF Rule Language

    1. Horn Rules

  4. References

  5. Appendix: Specification

  6. Appendix: List of Builtins

    1. Numerics

    2. Strings

    3. Dates and Times

  7. End Notes


Temporarily Removed Section:

  1. Appendix: RIF Validation


General Discussion Parts and Comments/Issues: