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Implementation plans

This page is a starting point for developers to describe their RIF implementation plans. The idea is to collect the information on systems, libraries and components, which might be reused by other RIF implementors.

Rule System

Organization, Contact

RIF dialect/profile
(Core, BLD, PRD, ...)

RIF components
(consumer, producer, engine, ...)

Impl. language (license), libraries used,
reusable components, ...

Time frame


JSI, IgorMozetic

BLD and some profiles (Datalog)

1. producer (rules generated by data/text mining algorithms)
2. reuse of existing engines (Prolog, FLORA-2)
3. builtins

likely C++ (LGPL)

couple of months after BLD is sufficiently specified (XML, builtins)


TU Vienna, DERI Galway, Thomas Krennwallner <> AxelPolleres

BLD (Datalog fragment, extended by NAF and RDF support)


C++ under GPL, libraries used: Boost, dlv disjunctive datalog engine, reusable components: RIF BLD parser (Boost Spirit)

end of January 2008


Vulcan, BBN, Stony Brook University, BenjaminGrosof, MikeDean, MichaelKifer

BLD + development of a Default Logic Dialect extending FLD

producer, consumer

Java (license TBD)

October (BLD) and December (DLD) 2009

Useful libraries

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