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This page is about consolidating the work done in the WG regarding requirements and Design Goals and finalising it. It builds upon:

  1. Preliminary work based on the requirements sections from the initial Use Cases;

  2. The requirements listed during the brain storming sessions at F2F2;

  3. Allen's list of Design Goals;

  4. The discussion on design goals at F2F2.

  5. As well as the discussion of requirements at F2F3.

The current work focuses on determining Phase II requirements for RIF.

Proposed requirements for Phase II

WG participants should add requirements to the following list and/or champion existing ones.The following information should be listed for each of the proposed requirements: requirement title, requirement statement (short and precise), (optional) link to a short discussion (in case the WG has already discussed the requirement or one of the champions provides explanation or motivation for a requirement), and the list of participants supporting the requirement (i.e. champions).

Full Coverage of RDF

RIF must cover RDF.

Full Coverage of OWL

RIF must cover OWL.

External Calls

RIF should support external calls (e.g., to query processors).

Uncertain and Probabilistic Information

RIF should support uncertain and probabilistic information.

Meta-Data for Currency of Rules

RIF should support meta-data for currency of rules.

Meta-Data for Executability of Rules

RIF should support meta-data indicating the executability of rules.

UML Data

RIF should accept UML instances as data.

ORM Fact Model Populations

RIF should accept ORM Fact Model populations as data.

XML Representation

RIF representation of XML is XML.

Combined Access

RIF should support (rule-based) combined access to different kinds of data (such as XML and RDF data).


RIF should support modules of rules.

Procedural Attachements

RIF should support user-defined procedural attachements.


RIF should support means to represent rule priorities.


RIF should support means to access data not only stored persistently, but also contained in (incoming) events.

Composite Events

RIF should support composite events.

Production Rules

RIF should support production rules.

ECA Rules

RIF should support Event-Condition-Action rules.