ISSUE-50: Semantic metadata

Semantic metadata

Technical Design (multiple dialects/documents)
Raised by:
Christopher Welty
Opened on:
(metadata that affect the semantics of the rule data)

This is an issue for FLD that needs to be added or dropped.

For BLD the issue is closed, imports impact
the semantics but annotations do not.

For PRD still open. E.g. rule priorities?
for CORE still open.

Possibly we could decide that "semantic metadata" is illegal and
anything impacting semantics of dialects has to be directly specified.

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Related notes:

At the 27-Jan-2009 Telecon, the working group resolved to close this issue by agreeing that in Core, BLD, and PRD there will be no semantic metadata, that is, removing metadata will not change entailments.


Christopher Welty, 29 Jan 2009, 20:35:14

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