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Was it ever dead?

New Web Browsers

Impressive Applications

Google Mail

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New Client Technologies

Web APIs

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The Web Platform

... again. This isn't really new technology.

The benefits of the Web as an application platform are well-known.

Web Applications

From here on we'll be mostly talking about the client-side.


What is W3C doing?

A few things, including


SVG Tiny is very popular. It's built-in to most phones sold on the European market today and about 50 million SVG phones have been sold.

Meanwhile, the community demanded scripting support in order to build applications.

SVG Tiny 1.1

SVG Tiny 1.2

SVG in the browsers

Interesting Times


CDF is mixing markup languages into a single document.

Our approach is to build a framework for the general case and a set of profiles for specific combinations.

Primary use case is the mobile market.

CDF Use Cases

The CDF Working Group has published a document of use cases and requirements.

Status of CDF

CDF is about to release the first draft of an XHTML + SVG multimedia presentation profile.

There is strong participation in the CDF group including Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Mozilla, Access, RIM, Vodafone, France Telecom, Opera, Obigo, Ikivo.


XBL is a mapping from custom markup into presentation and behaviour. The goal is to keep the semantically rich content as close to the user as possible.

XBL Example

  <s:star magnitude="10"/>

  s = doc.createElementNS(SNS, "star");
  s.setAttribute("magnitude", "20");
  s.addEventListener("Supernova", callback, false);

Other technologies

What will W3C do?

Web Applications

W3C would like to provide a better programming environment for the Web.

New Interfaces

New Interfaces

What should W3C do?

APIs or Documents?

There are people that say the W3C should not be standardizing APIs. Other people say that the API is an essential part of a document.

Either way, the Web will be used as an application platform.


What are we missing?