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Device Description Structures

This wiki page is to assist in the edition of the device description structures document that is mentioned of the charter of the MWI-DDWG.

These are the various sections of the document. Each section has been initialised. Over time, this text will be updated here in the wiki, and eventually returned to a FPWD version of the document for formal publication.

  1. DeviceDescriptionStructuresPreamble
  2. DeviceDescriptionStructuresIntroduction
  3. DeviceDescriptionStructuresTerminology
  4. DeviceDescriptionStructuresUseCases
  5. DeviceDescriptionStructuresReviewOfCurrentApproaches
  6. DeviceDescriptionStructuresDefinitionMechanisms
  7. DeviceDescriptionStructuresApi
  8. DeviceDescriptionStructuresApiBindingsAppendix
  9. DeviceDescriptionStructuresReferences
  10. DeviceDescriptionStructuresAcknowledgments


You can see a preview of the complete updated document in ... (TBD)