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Definition of Device Description

With the caveat that a number of adjustments to the DI Glossary are needed to support this definition:

"A device description is a formal definition within some context of the named attributes and their permissible values [which may take the form of lists, ranges, or other patterns] which are applicable to entities of interest in that context."

"In general that entity is a device in the context of interest."

"In the DDWG that entity is something that can fulfil the role of device as defined in the DI Delivery Context."


"When describing an actual device (a device instance), attributes together with their appropriate values are chosen from the device description."

To be clear on the scoping, it follows from the definition above and the DDWG Charter:

"The DDWG's work products MUST meet the requirements of device as defined in the DI Delivery Context and MUST be reasonably extensible to accommodate other descriptions of device and their contexts that go with such definitions."


Device Independence Principles

Device Indpendence Glossary