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This is the Introduction to the document. See the DeviceDescriptionCoreVocabulary overview.

1. Introduction

1.1 Purpose of the Document

This document should serve as the place to define and formalize the process that the Device Descriptions Working Group [DDWG] will use for the creation of an initial Core Vocabulary for Mobile Web Browsing.

This document is not set to become a Recommendation as the process defined here will be used exclusively by the DDWG to define the Core Vocabulary. Other groups may use this process as a starting point for their own process.

The Core Vocabulary here defined will be formalized in an ontology. The ontology will become a Recommendation.

1.2 Audience

This document is meant to be of high-level, no specific technical knowledge is required. It is however considered a requirement to read the DeviceDescriptionLandscape and the DeviceDescriptionEcosystem documents prior to this.

Experience in the development of sites for mobile browsers is considered a plus.

1.3 Scope

1.4 Longevity and Versioning

The process here defined may have a long life, if successful and there is no plan to review it in the short term.

While the group will formalize a Core Vocabulary through an ontology it is forecast that the ontology will continue its life and evolution after the end of life of this working group. This group should also identify a maintainer for the vocabulary and the ontology, it will be responsibility of this entity to maintain or make grow the vocabulary.

¤ Initial text, need review and feedback