ISSUE-252: Currency of Scope Document

Scope Document

Currency of Scope Document

Mobile Web Applications Best Practices
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Jo Rabin
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My ACTION-687 (from Seoul I'm afraid) was to raise an ISSUE on the currency of the scope document so that we can decide whether to reference it from BP-2.

It is referenced in the current draft [1]: 'These recommendations (MWABP) follow in the footsteps of the Mobile Web Best Practices (BP1), for which the scope was laid out in "Scope of Mobile Web Best Practices" [Scope]'

My view is that BP-2 was not envisaged by the Scope document with the subject matter that it now encompasses, and that reference to it does not contribute to its understanding.

I suggest that the reference is dropped and that, as I mentioned elsewhere, the wording "follow in the footsteps" be adjusted to be more precise about the relationship between the two documents.


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PROPOSED RESOLUTION: remove reference to scope of BP1 from BP2

Dominique Hazaël-Massieux, 3 Jul 2008, 09:33:54

Resolution taken

François Daoust, 3 Jul 2008, 15:31:17

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