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This Incuator Group is closed.

The mission of the SWS Testbed Incubator Group, part of the Incubator Activity, was to develop a standard methodology for evaluating semantic web services based upon a standard set of problems and develop a public repository of such problems.

See the charter for more information.


This Incuator Group closed on 4 December 2008.

May 22, 2008: Dr. Amit P. Sheth and Karthik Gomadam present SA-REST at the Semantic Technology Conference 2008, CA.


The SWS XG has the following two deliverables.

The first deliverable is the W3C SWS Challenge Testbed Incubator Methodology Report. Over the last two years and several workshops of the Semantic Web Services Challenge (SWSC), we, as a community, have discussed and experimented with the best way to evaluate technologies for the mediation, discovery, and composition of web services, and to understand the trade-offs among the various technical approaches. The report outlines some basic principles and fundamental methodologies that are recommended. In addition, there is a an extensive discussion of the evaluation issues leading to what we recommend as best practice.

The second deliverable of the SWS incubator is to define SA-REST, a mechanism for adding annotations to RESTful services. SA-REST is a follow-on effort to SAWSDL, Semantic Annotations for WSDL and XML Schema.

Majority of RESTful services lack a service description language (such as WSDL) and are often described as API documents using X/HTML. The incubator group will build upon preliminary work [1], that uses micro-formats for adding annotations to API documents. The proposed objective is to define the SA-REST microformat and also specify mechanisms of its usage in the context of both RDFa and GRDDL.

An initial position paper discussing this work can be found at [2].

[1] Amit P. Sheth, Karthik Gomadam, Jon Lathem: SA-REST: Semantically Interoperable and Easier-to-Use Services and Mashups. IEEE Internet Computing 11(6): 91-94 (2007). Available here.

[2] SWS XG Position Paper on SA-REST



About the SWS Testbed XG

Charles Petrie (Stanford University) and Amit Sheth (Wright State University), SWS Testbed Incubator Group co-Chairs
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